Home-Field Advantage: Baltimore Running Festival, The Bucket List Chaser

Home-Field Advantage: Baltimore Running Festival, The Bucket List Chaser

Home-field Advantage is a travel series that highlights where locals love to eat, train and play. To kick off this series, we asked four people preparing for the Baltimore Running Festival to show us the city through their eyes.

When Sean Caskey joined the high school track team, he thought it was to improve his speed and endurance for the soccer season. After running for Mount St. Mary’s University he set a new goal to continue his sport: run a sub-three hour marathon in all 50 states.

The secret to this Baltimore native’s drive is simple. Running is fun. There’s no coach, no mandatory practice, no uniform. His inspiration came from running the streets he grew up on. In fact, it was making a new friend on a run that actually inspired him to set his new goal.

Home-Field Advantage: Baltimore Running Festival, The Bucket List Chaser

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“I run the streets of Baltimore—all the streets of Baltimore. North, south, east, west—it’s home to me. I love the people I meet. When I’m on the runner’s forums there are so many who are surprised that I enjoy running here. Baltimore isn’t ‘The Wire.’ I have met some of the most interesting people out on my runs.”

Sean will run the 2015 Baltimore Marathon. As he looks to reach his goal, he shares some of his favorite places with us:

Secret Running Spot: Herring Run Park
Just a half-mile east of Montebello is Herring Run Park. It’s right in the heart of the city with nice trails and hardly any people around. According to Sean, it’s one the best running destinations hiding in plain sight.

Best Run for the View: Federal Hill
Sean suggests starting at Fells Point and following the brick road around the harbor and up the hill. It’s a fantastic workout with an even better payoff at the end—a view that’s overlooking the skyline of Baltimore. If you weren’t out of breath from your run (you should be), this should finish the job.

Home-Field Advantage: Baltimore Running Festival, The Bucket List Chaser

There’s something about running next to the water in the Charged Bandits that fuels Sean.

Best Place to Train: Inner Harbor
The Inner Harbor has it all, including some great running routes. With plenty to see, lots of other runners to give you tips and support, Sean claims that running along the water makes your workout all the more epic.

Best Postun Stop: Towson Hot Bagels of Canton
After his ritual Saturday morning run, Sean will stop into Towson Hot Bagels of Canton for a sesame bagel with lox. With over 19 types of bagels and even more topping choices, you’ll find something to hit the spot after your run.

Best Food: Papi’s Tacos
You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but Sean is adamant that you order guacamole. “They bring a small station and whip up a fresh batch right at the your table. It can’t get more fresh than that.”

Best Bar: Max’s Taphouse, Fells Point
With over 1,000 bottles, 102 taps and five casks, Max’s Taphouse is known worldwide. The bartenders know their craft, there’s always a celebration going on, and there’s never a better time for a beer than right after a long, hard run.

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