12 Romantic Wedding Hairstyles 2021

Wedding season is in the air, isn’t it? It seems like every time you log on Facebook or check your Instagram, someone is getting engaged or their wedding is coming up. Picking a dress for a wedding can be hard enough, because who picks maroon as a color and why is it a black-tie when some guy is definitely going to wear jeans? One thing that you shouldn’t be stressing about is your hair and that’s why Hairstyles Weekly is here to help. No matter if you’re a guest, the bride, a bridesmaids or even just crashing a wedding, these wedding hairstyles will help the big day be less of a mess!

1. Boho Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

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Talk about a gorgeous and extremely boho hairstyle to wear at a wedding. The braids are what really make the braid seem boho and simple waves or curls are always a classic choice. You can add a flower crown or your veil if you happen to be the bride.

2. Half Up-Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

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This hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face and make your hair look really elegant even though it’s really only been pulled back and curled. It would look great on all hair types but is a great option for short or medium length hair.

3. Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyle – Updos for Wedding

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Buns are one of the most underrated wedding hairstyles. Obviously, you wouldn’t just wear your hair in a bun for a wedding so try wrapping the braid around the front to make it a little bit more formal.

4. Gorgeous Low Side Bun

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A low bun is a more well-known bun look for a wedding and this one is no exception. The bun itself would be pretty simple to achieve but adding accessories are really what will make the bun pop. If you’re the bride, obvious you’ll have a veil but as a guest or a bridesmaid, try wearing a flower in your hair for something different.

5. Boho Crown Braid Hairstyle for Wedding

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Weddings are supposed to be fun and this hairstyle doesn’t get any more fun. The small crown braids give the look of a really intricate braid and the flowers are what really makes it stand out. It would look great if you’re having an outdoor wedding, especially on the beach.

6.  Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

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This takes ponytails to a whole different level. Having a big and curly ponytail is such a classic look but one that still never gets old. Using the braids to make a headband at the front of your hair is a smart idea and will make you look even more polished.

7. Fishtail Braid Wedding Hairstyle

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Braids are such an underrated hairstyle for weddings. This braid does exactly what it’s supposed to because it’s on the side out of the bride’s face and is a huge statement braid which will give the impression that it took a really long time to achieve.

8. Lob Wedding Hairstyle – Romantic Hairstyle Idea for Medium Length hair

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If you don’t have long hair, then don’t fear. There are still wedding hairstyle options for you too! If you have a lob, give it a slightly messy look to add some volume and make it appear thicker and longer.

9. Short Soft Curly Wedding Hairstyle

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This is another hairstyle for the ladies with shorter hair. Adding a lot of curls will give you hair texture and curls are such a classic look for weddings too. Even if you have short hair, no one will be able to look away because you’ll be so radiant and glowing with happiness.

10. Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

12 Best Wedding Hairstyles For All Types Of Weddings

Sometimes something old isn’t really that bad and this hairstyle proves it. It could work on all hair types but would great for ladies with shorter hair. The curls are really defined and the deep side part is a great statement piece.

11. Loose Curly Wedding Hairstyle

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Most traditional wedding hairstyles usually feature tight curls but these loose curls are a wonderful alternative. If you’re looking for something romantic, then try wearing your hair in loose curls. Sometimes less is more especially with this hairstyle.

12. Wedding Hairstyle With Veil

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For the final hairstyle, what better than to feature one with a veil? A veil is easily the second most important part of the bride’s entire wedding look. For this look, try adding volume at the front and back of the head. The bottom of the hair can really be done anyway but adding some volume can really help keep your veil nice and high.