21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look

Enhancing your locks and switching things up a bit is as easy as throwing some RED into your mane! Red is undoubtedly the sexiest hair color alive, and whether you opt for a rich dark cherry red or want an eye-catching fire red ombre, you’re sure to love these popping hairstyle.

Deep Red Ombré with Curled Ends

Mahogany up top with a fiery, luscious deep red hue below; does it get any more enticing than this? Her rich locks are given a refreshing light bounce thanks to curled ends on her medium-length cut. Love this look for ALL seasons!

Subtle Red Mahogany Highlightd with Loose Waves

Rich dark chocolate manes are the ideal platform for sprucing up with some rich hues of mahogany red. The subtle hint of color adds contrast, and loose waves ensures these colors flow together in a carefree and feminine way.

Brown Mahogany Curls

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Fall weather calls for a warm hue to match with your fuzzy boots and sweaters, and this is the perfect shade. A deep brown with mahogany reds create a dashing finish that’s subdued and warm, and curls ensure this look is enhanced with daintiness.

Black and Mahogany Tousled Curls

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Jet black manes can be a bit one-noted, so to enhance that desirable shade and bring a tinge of gloss and texture to your mans, throw in some deep mahogany red highlights. The tousled curls are oh-so-fabulous, easily dressed up or down for any occasion.

Red Brown Ombré with Ringlets

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

There’s just something so alluring about brown paired with a deep red hue. The collection is downright sexy, and with those ringlets it’s a wedding-approved style that’ll go nicely with your finest attire.

Glossy Chocolate Cherry Waves

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

It’s as delicious as it sounds- chocolate cherry is simply divine, casting a luscious blend of rich chocolatey browns and cherry reds beautifully. Throw on some glossing product and texture up your mane for a glistening finish.

Trio Balayage

Time to get funky! If you want a cool and quirky trio balayage color to liven up your look, consider tossing together black, caramel blonde, and bright red. Super unique, vibrant as can be, and bursting with lovely personality; loving this cool look.

Red Orange Fiery Ombré

Adding FIRE to your locks is the best way to create a FIERY and FIERCE look. Prepare to make every jaw drop around you with this incredibly enticing style. Mahogany on top leads down to a red/orange fiery combo, an eye-catching blend any lady with plenty of fierce attitude can enjoy.

Red Velvet Color Melt

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

This red velvet color melt is a warm and delightful shade that’s great for fall and winter. Make these divine, rich shades come to life with a bit of curling on the lower half of the mane, and don’t forget some glossing product.

Lighter Red Velvet Color Melt

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

If you loved the last hairstyle but want more red to standout, try on this lighter take of a red velvet color melt. Deep reds and mahogany are lightened and much more apparent, a graceful look that can see you through the cold months.

Mahogany and Yellow 60s Pixie

A 60s inspired pixie is funky and cool, but you can add even more colorful inspiration to your mane with a mahogany and yellow mix. The colors really make those choppy layers stand out and be the main focal point of this ‘do.

Deep Red Tight Curled Ombré

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

In love with your naturally tight curls? Of course you are! They’re voluminous, exciting, and loaded with texture. But to ensure your naturally curly locks are a show-stopping masterpiece, indulge in an ombré with black roots leading to a deep, striking red shade.

Cherry Babylights

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Wanting to add a splash of red to your brown mane? Then throw on some red babylights and call it a day! These red babylights are incredibly subtle, but there’s just enough color to make the locks POP. Throw on some loose curls to allow the colors to flow together immaculately.

Striking Long Red Waves

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Eva Marie, as sexy as can be; right!? You too can indulge in a striking hair color, simply by dousing your mane in the fieriest red color you can imagine. The end result? A seriously hot and spicy hair tone that’s sure to entice anyone around you.

Dark Cherry

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Red hair doesn’t have to be striking or fiery, in fact is can be subtle and sweet; as proven on this lovely lady. Dark cherry hair is certainly a HIT for fall and winter when you need a warmer hue of red.

Fire Red Ombre

Dark brown locks may be a bit one-toned and tamed, but when you throw on some FIERY red ombre, you get a look that KILLS. This intense hairstyle is sure to turn heads!

Mahogany Red Highlights

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Lightening things up a bit for summer? Don’t be afraid to add some subtle mahogany red highlights to your dark brown locks! This short bob gets a highlighted makeover that’s bright and sexy, and adding a twinge of wave ensures this luxurious hairstyle has some enticing bounce.

Dark Chocolate with Hints of Red

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Dark chocolate manes are luxurious on their own, and the best way to enhance these luscious strands is to add a pinch of red. Dark brown locks and red go together majestically for a very sultry finish, given a sweet and soft edge with some feminine waves.

Red/Orange Ombre

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

So you’re looking for a striking, fierce ombre that’s sure to turn heads? Then this is it. Long locks are the perfect base for a surreal ombre style that has a fiery finish. A luscious red on top is lightened and thoroughly enhanced with burnt orange ends, a style that’s sure to steal the show.

Red and Purple Balayage Curls

A deep shade of red is enticing on its own, but paired with some warm shades of purple it’s a sophisticated number that’s downright sexy. Wear these locks slick straight or enhance them with some dazzling curls.

Deep Cherry Red

21 Striking Red Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look/>

Hints of violet, hints of red; this look has the ideal combination to create a striking, rich hue that’s perfect for fall. This warm cherry red can work on hair of any length or style, whether you’re looking to enhance that short pixie with some red flavor or want to douse your lengthy strands in some gorgeous cherry reds.