17 Amazing Benefits Of Celery For Skin, Hair & Health

Ever noticed tiny green leaves on your Pasta and Salad plates in a restaurant? They do look like Coriander, but don’t taste like them? Well, they are Celery leaves, commonly used in global culinary delights. Celery belongs to the “Apiaceae” family, which includes carrots, parsley, fennel and Caraway. They are grown as long fibrous stalks with wide green leaves on top. Celery is known for its incredibly low-calorie nutrition and is often used in dips, salads, soups and many other dishes. Let’s get to know more about this wonderful green and some of the amazing health benefits of Celery.

celery benefits

What Is Celery?

Celery is a grassy vegetable, which is known for its culinary and medicinal benefits. Celery scientific name is “ApiumGraveolens”. The leaves, stalk and even the seeds of Organic celery are considered edible. While the leaves are usually mild in taste, the stalks are slightly acidic, but turn sweet with blanching.

How To Use Celery?

If you are wondering how to eat Celery, here are some of the ways to incorporate this amazing veggie in your diet:

  • Add Celery in Your Soups.
  • Chopped raw celery Can Enhance the taste of your dips.
  • Celery salt is great for seasoning your fries and snacks.
  • Steamed Celery makes for a nutritious snack.
  • Include Celery leaves in your salads.
  • Use Celery leaves for beautifying your dish.

Celery Nutrition Facts:

Here is the nutritional value of Celery per 1 Cup serving (110gm):

  • Total Calories: 17.6 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates: 3.8 gm
  • Total Fat: 0.2 gm (0%)
  • Protein: 0.8 gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 1.8 gm
  • Vitamin A: 10 %
  • Vitamin C: 6 %
  • Vitamin E: 1 %
  • Vitamin K: 40 %
  • Folate: 10 %
  • Calcium: 44 mg
  • Potassium: 286 mg
  • Sodium: 88 mg

Best Health Benefits Of Celery:

Here we enlisted 17 wonderful benefits of celery for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Promotes Hair Growth:

So many of us have spent thousands of bucks buying hair stimulators from online shopping stores. But have you ever thought that you could prepare a nice hair growth tonic at home without even having to spend so much money? Yes, you have read right. A healthy and smart way you could incorporate in order to get a nice fertilizer is by using celery.

How To Use:

  • Just take ten to fifteen of its stalks and mash them after washing.
  • Now apply this on your hair while shampooing.
  • Wrap your head with a towel and wash off with cold water after an hour.
  • You are sure to receive great results.

2. Exfoliates Skin:

The second benefit that celery can provide you with is that it can take care of your skin and remove dead cells. It will restore the Ph balance of your skin and make it young, beautiful and radiant. You can prepare a celery pack at home for this purpose.

How To Use:

  • Just take some celery juice, oatmeal and orange peel powder.
  • Apply this cool mixture all over your neck and face and wait till it becomes dry.
  • Rinse it off by massaging with cold water.

3. Clears Acne and Pimples:

Application of celery juice or celery pack on your face on a regular basis can really help in the reduction of acne, pimples and breakouts. They will also remove surface dirt on your skin and cleanse it completely.

How To Use:

  • All you have to do is prepare a mixture of tea tree oil and celery juice.
  • Dab it with some cotton and apply all over the areas that have been affected.
  • Wash off with cold water after an hour.
  • You will surely see great results within a week or so.

4. Reduces Signs Of Aging:

Celery is an important source of Vitamin A, C and E and this is always needed in order to improve your skin from ageing. The basic signs of ageing are basic lines, wrinkles, dark spots and dullness. The best solution to ageing is none other than celery. It is natural and beneficial for all skin types. It is rich in omega zeroes fatty acids, which helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and makes it radiant and youthful.

How To Consume:

  • All you have to do is eat a lot of celery or simply drink its juice on a daily basis.

5. Removes Oil and Grime From Skin:

Celery can also be used to remove the excess oil on your face which leads to acne and pimples.

How To Use:

  • You can take three celery sticks and wash them properly. Now cut them into tiny pieces and add them to some boiling water.
  • Allow this to cool down. You can also keep it in the fridge.
  • The juice can be applied on the face on a regular basis to tone the surfaces and improve the texture of the skin at the same time.
  • Don’t forget to wash your face with some cold water. You don’t want any residue left behind.

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6. Stimulates Brain Functions:

Celery is something that will boost your brains immensely. If you are one of those people who is preparing for an exam or are college students, take some celery regularly. You will be surprised what these veggies can do for you. They will surely sharpen your memory and help you remember all the important things. Not only that, you will prevent memory loss or other diseases that are related to this issue. This is why doctors have used celery while treating several kinds of neurological diseases and injuries. It is surprising to know that celery can do so much for us.

7. Eliminates Bad Odour:

Now you can also get rid of bad breath with the help of green celery. It can definitely be used as a mouth wash along with water that will take care of your oral health and promote healthy teeth. Your mouth shall never stink because of what this amazing ingredient shall do. You can also fight mouth infections and ulcers with the help of cardamom. So if you want to smell better, we would suggest you make use of celery.

How To Consume:

  • Just drink it down in the form of juice or boil it in water and use it as a mouthwash when cold.

8. Controls Menopause Symptoms:

Women who are in their early forties often complain about signs of menopause. This can be hot flushes, bad mood, signs of ageing, an ill feeling from within etc. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying drugs and products to calm and soothe you. We would suggest something better and natural. And that is none other than celery. Super healthy and beneficial, eating these veggies shall really help you alleviate signs of menopause.

9. Reduces Risk Of Cold and Flu:

A great way to fight cold and flu is with the help of celery. It has great healing properties that will help you eradicate this sickness only within a couple of days. Not only that, this will keep your system strong and active and also combat common diseases. In order to find quick relief from a blocked nose, we suggest you make use of celery.

How To Use:

  • If you make this veggie a part of your diet, you will be able to prevent any kind of illness and live a healthy life.

10. An Anti-Inflammatory Agent:

Celery is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can effectively reduce the risks of falling prey to heart diseases. The high amounts of antioxidants present in Celery can bring down cholesterol levels and also help in flushing out the toxins. A compound called “Apigenin” present in Celery can prevent many genetic disorders.

11. Aids In Proper Digestion:

One of the main uses of Celery is to aid in better digestion. Celery is loaded with many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents like Apiuman, which is known to cool down the stomach and reduce the chances of Ulcers. Celery is also high in water content, along with the fibre amount of fibre to support good bowel movements and prevent constipation.

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12. Reduces High Cholesterol:

Celery is a low-calorie and zero fat food, which along with aiding in weight loss, also helps in lowering the existing cholesterol levels. Being rich in anti-oxidants, Celery can prevent the damage caused due to oxidative stress by LDL aka bad cholesterol.

How To Consume:

  • Regular consumption of Celery can prevent heart diseases and blood pressure.

13. Treats High Blood Pressure:

Celery is high in many minerals like Potassium and Magnesium, which can effectively bring down your high blood pressure. The stalks of Celery, in particular, work well for those suffering from Hypertension. Celery contains phytochemicals called “Phthalides”, which causes the tissues in the arteries to expand and aid in better blood flow.

14. Prevents Liver Diseases:

Celery is one of the most recommended foods in weight loss diet and is also known for boosting the Lipid metabolism. Studies show that regular consumption of Celery, especially in juice form is proven to reduce fatty liver and stimulate better secretion of liver enzymes. Also, by eliminating the toxins from the liver, celery lowers the risk of dangerous Liver diseases.

15. Benefits Of Celery For Weight Loss:

Celery is known as a negative calorie food for the least number of Calories it offers. Inspire of being low in fat and carbohydrates, Celery is rich in many vitamins and minerals, making it one of the popular choices for Weight loss programs. It also makes for a great snack in between meals for a satisfactory feeling, yet guilt-free indulgence.

16. Prevents Cancer:

Celery is a powerful food that can prevent many types of deadly cancers. Many key compounds like Apigenin and Luteolin are potent enough to fight cancer cells and also reduce oxidative damage. The anti-oxidant and anti-tumour properties of Celery makes it one of the best foods to consume regularly, especially for those with a history of cancers in the family.

17. Treats Kidney Stones:

Benefits of celery for Kidneys are too good to believe. Celery juice is considered to be one of the best home remedies for treating Kidney stones. It works by eliminating toxins from the Kidney and in this process, the stones are also pushed out of the organ. You can simply blend a couple of Celery stalks with some water and consume it regularly.

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Celery Side Effects:

Although Celery is considered to be healthy food, it is not recommended to consume it in certain cases. Check out the side effects of eating too much Celery, listed below:

  • Allergic reactions in people with sensitivity to Fennel, Caraway plants.
  • Can increase the chances of bleeding when used with certain medications.
  • People with Kidney problems are advised to consult a doctor before taking Celery.
  • Celery can lower blood pressure when taken with medicines for Hypertension.
  • It can interfere with Anaesthesia and hence is not recommended to consume before surgery.

We hope these health benefits of Celery have inspired you to start including this wonderful herb in your diet. Celery is now available in almost all superstores, vegetable markets and even online stores. Along with your regular Coriander and Curry Leaf, make use of the wonderful advantages of Celery. Try to experiment with a variety of dishes or just steam the stalks to make a great snack!