2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet

One of the few successful crash diets with no side-effects, the 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet was created by nutritionist Fiona Kirk and is focused on fat burning foods and the right type of exercise to lose the most weight in 14 days.

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet Basics

Slimming down in time for bikini season doesn’t need to be a painful process. Even though it’s considered one of the most successful crash diets, Fast Lane is focused on healthy weight gain and changing dietary habits for added effects in the long run.

Designed as a diet that won’t wear off fast and let the weight gain begin again, the 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet doesn’t include calorie counting or strict restrictions.

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet

It’s based on fat burning foods, along with eating meals based on a schedule throughout the day and no deprivation, just some exercise.

Some call it a 2 week crash diet that works, but dieters should not expect to stay hungry or get low energy levels. Instead, the focus on fat burning foods and resistance training can make a difference that won’t go away as soon as you stop dieting.

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet Meal Plan

Focused on meals that are both enjoyable and fat burning, this diet advises eating every few hours. According to DietsinReview.com, one day in the diet consists of:

Morning: Fresh fruits, juiced fruits, fruit smoothies and fresh fruit juices

Mid-morning: Small pack of unsalted nuts

Lunch: Beef broth with pearl barley or lamb and bean soup; salad

Mid-afternoon: Ryvita and chopped egg

Dinner: Fish filets Thai-style or very quick salmon; vegetable and salad (add in starchy vegetables if you’ve exercised in the evening)

Late snack: Oatcakes and turkey slices

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet Pros

Detailed meal plans for the full 14 days along with plenty of useful tips make this so-called 2 week crash diet very easy to follow.

Information on when to exercise for the best effects when it comes to fat burning is also provided, along with plenty of recipes.

Being founded on sound nutritional principles, this 2 week crash diet is suited for most people and can give lasting results.

2 Weeks in the Fast Lane Diet Cons

People who don’t want to snack throughout the day may be put off by this diet, and those with a completely sedentary lifestyle may not want to exercise up to 40 minutes a day, three times a week. Eating just fruit until 11.30 AM and avoiding starchy carbs after 6 PM are other rules some may be reluctant to follow.

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