6 Smart Food Swaps for Weight Loss

6 Smart Food Swaps for Weight Loss

In order to lose weight you’ve got to have a few vitamin-rich and nutritive ingredients in your meals. The 6 smart food swaps for weight loss offer you a set of choices you can make without reducing the portion of your favorite snacks and main servings.

The key to embrace a healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutritional plan is to re-organize your fridge and limit yourself to healthy veggies, fruits and other ingredients which lack any artificial sweeteners and other harmful elements. Keep the following food choices in mind to have the silhouette you were dreaming of.

1. Swap Barbecue Sauce for Dried Herbs

Artificial spice mixtures like the barbecue sauce will only trigger bloating and load your body with calories. In order to shed a few extra pounds it is wise to skip this type of seasoning and use dried herbs like: dill, sage, mint, tarragon and basil to give an ambrosial taste to your meals. See the fabulous effect of this diet tip on your system.

6 Smart Food Swaps for Weight Loss

2. Swap Chewing Gum for Nuts and Almonds

You’re an incurable gum chewer? This time replace this treat with almonds and nuts. This wise food choice will spare you from an unhealthy calorie bomb.

Sunflower seeds can be just as perfect to tame your cravings for chewing gum. The trapped air which gets into your GI tract due to chewing gum can also lead to bloating.

3. Swap Diet Foods for Healthy Fruits

Get rid of diet foods as soon as you decide to embrace a slimming project. Pre-packaged low-calorie products are loaded with artificial sugar also called maltitol and xylitol.

These can’t be absorbed by your organism which leads to various unfortunate conditions like bloating and gas. Go for healthy veggies and fruits or seeds to contribute to the weight loss process.

4. Swap Mayo Salads for Mediterranean Salads

Cut back on calories without even noticing it. Swap mayo salads for the most delicious and colorful Mediterranean salads. Use cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumber and chick peas to create an ambrosial vitamin bomb for your diet.

5. Swap Bread with Butter for Almond Butter and Fruits

Are you ready to pamper your tasting buds with the most delicious breakfast? Then spread a tiny amount of almond butter on a slice of whole-grain bread or crackers and stuff your plate with sweet and organic fruits perfect to stuff your stomach with vitamin-rich foods. Get used to similar in-between main meal snacks to control your hunger.

6. Swap Common Meat Sandwich for Salmon Sandwich

If you’re really determined to lose weight fast, it is a must to make smaller or more dramatic nutritional changes. This time swap the common meat sandwich for salmon sandwich. Salmon can keep your metabolism on top speed and it is loaded with omega 3 an element which contributes to the fat burning process. Mix the salmon with bell pepper and a tiny amount of lemon juice to have a delicious mixture.

6 Smart Food Swaps for Weight Loss

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