9 Home Remedies for Memory Loss

memory loss

Are you always forgetting where you put your things? Is your forgetfulness bothering your and your loved ones? With age comes wisdom but with that also come a whole lot of other mental stress that if not attended to can even develop into serious mental disorders and can even lead to dementia. How about we keep things under a check at home and early on in life? Here are the nine best remedies for memory loss.

Effective Home Remedies for Memory Loss:

1. Vitamin Intake:

Eat good vitamin foods

Insufficient vitamins can lead to memory loss. Increase your dosage of thiamine which is found in pistachios and various antioxidants that are linked with the different vitamins. Vitamin E is most essential for a better brain functioning. Along with this it maintains your cognitive faculties and prevents brains strokes, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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2. Berries:


It is a wiser choice to drop your bad snacking habits and switch to consuming berries. They not only taste great and help you lose weight, but the anti oxidant levels in them are the highest. Hence they are the best things to gorge on a daily basis whether just for breakfast or an evening snack.

3. Rosemary :

rosemary oil

Rosemary has that beautiful smell that stimulates brain cells and increases concentration powers. It can be used as aromatherapy oil or can be infused into our day to day foods. A little bit of this herb goes a long way into keeping your brain cells up to their task.

4. Nuts are Brain Foods:

Nuts and seeds

A handful of nuts are also a great way of ensuring good memory and retention power of our nerves. Almonds and Walnuts are arguably the best alternatives for you. Not only do they contain abundance of Vitamin E but also some good fats like Omega 3 that maintains your heart and brain health. Now you know why the walnut looks like our brain.

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5. Omega Rich Fishes:

Fatty fishes salman

Fishes have major health benefits and are a treasure cove of nutrients for a non vegetarian. The Omega fatty acids in sardines and mackerels and salmons will keep your brain cells more alert and will keep your sensory awareness heightened. Fishes are the best source of omega fats which also improve your heart health.

6. Apples:

apple 3

Apples are the key to good health since generations and ages. IT is an abundant source of irons as well as fiber and Vitamin A. It is also the source of a component called quercetin, which is found in the apple peels. It is proven for its powers of protecting brain cells from damage and attack of free radicals over time. Thus it is also very helpful in senile memory loss cases.

7. Green Vegetables :

green leafy vegetables

It is a proven fact that green vegetables are in fact the most versatile and all nutrient rich complete foods in your diet. With different kinds of leafy varieties there are happy supplies of selenium from broccoli, which also looks like our brain and manganese, phosphorus from spinach and book choy. The greener the come the better they are for our brain. Even the humble ocra belongs to this category.

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8. Keep Your Mind Active:

The most active minds are those which are creatively and mathematically attuned. It is these categories of people who are pure geniuses. While you don’t have to get cramming on to your math’s books music and poetry can always come to rescue. A fresh and happy mind is stress free and remembers thing better.

9. Sleep And Exercise:

sleep proper

Sleeping is very essential as a small nap also has the power to refresh and recharge the tired brain cells. Staying up for long hours impairs our reflexes and our thinking power. The key lies in offloading stress which can also happen through a workout.

Keep a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and active for a long time. Its time we remembered to think about ourselves.

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