Amazing Onion Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

Onions are like a necessity for all of us. They are not only very important for our health but are also something you should have to stay away from infections and diseases. If you are sick, consider this vegetable to be a quick and easy remedy to all your problems. They are the best options when it comes to cooking and has been used all the time in the kitchen. They make some of the best salads and are a blessing of the world of Indian culinary.

The pungent odour of this vegetable might keep you away from it for a while but it is important to realize that onions are totally worth it. They are loaded with chemicals which keep you miles away from illnesses and also impart a healthy glow on your face because of its detoxification properties. In order to learn more about onions and their benefits, we would refer this article for you that have been designed exclusively for your benefit.

Onion Benefits

Best Benefits Of Onions For Skin, Hair And Health:

After going through the points discussed in this article, you will very well realize that how important this vegetable onion is for all of us and the facts provided about onions are all relevant.

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Onion Benefits For Hair:

1. Wards Off Hair Problems:

One of the most common yet major problems that women face these days is hair issues. Dryness, dullness, split ends, hair fall are just to name a few. A solution to these problems might not always be in your local beauty parlors. Sometimes, spending a thousand bucks are not going to be enough. In some places, you need to go a little natural and by that we mean is using nature’s gifts to mankind. Yes, you guessed it right. Onions are not only going to improve your health but also your hair. It is rich in Vitamin C that will support healthy and good hair. You can also get rid of lice and hair fall with the help of these veggies.

2. Prevents Hair Dandruff:

Hair problems are very much common among women, specially hair loss and dandruff. A great way to combat such a menace and get you nice, beautiful and thick hair is by using the goodness of onions. They will regulate the blood circulation and strengthen your hair as well. You will definitely improve the quality of your hair and we can assure you that.

3. Reduce Hair Fall:

Onions can also assist with hair fall. The liquid form of the extracts of onion (onion juice) is one of the best things that can assist with hair fall. According to many researches conducted on this subject, it has been seen that people applying the onion juice on their hair have been provided with a better quality hair. They now have a head full of beautiful and well-nourished hair which is one of the best benefits that onions carry.

4. Controls Thin Hair:

Thinning of hair can also be stopped by proper usage of onion. All you will need to do is to make some onion juice and mix it with some suitable amount of honey and apply the mixture to your hair. This will provide your hair with ultimate care and there will be no more thinning.

5. Natural Conditioner:

Now you can also condition your hair with the goodness of onions. All you need to do is crush one onion in a blender and make a puree out of it. Now add some crushed fenugreek seeds and make a smooth and healthy paste out of it. Mix well and then apply all over the hair after you have shampooed. Wait for about twenty minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This will improve your hair and make it softer, smoother, shinier and silkier.

6. Maintains Your Hair Colour:

Onions can also often be used for maintaining your hair colour. All you need to do for this purpose is make a healthy juice out of it. Apply this all over your hair and wash off after half n hour. This homemade remedy will impart a lovely colour to your hair and make your hair super shiny and glossy. You can also add some olive oil or mustard oil to the mixture to see a difference.

Onion Benefits For Skin:

7. Fights Wrinkles:

Onions are great when it comes to fighting anti-aging signs and symptoms. It will help you fight wrinkles and signs of ageing in no time. Your skin will be firm and tight and it will able to retain its moisture as well. Apart from cleaning up your system and fighting cancer, the antioxidants will help you to stay away from ageing and give you healthier and younger looking skin within a couple of months. Most people who have used onions have always spoken about how youthful and radiant their skin looks after usage.

8. Lightens Your Skin Tone:

Onions are also something you could use to lighten and brighten your skin tone. The consumption of these vegetables in a salad will keep your face glowing and beautiful. All you have to do is take the pulp of one onion and crush it. Add some gram flour, milk and nutmeg. Mix well and apply all over the face. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

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9. Treats Acne:

Have you ever suffered from problems like acne? Then it’s probably because of bad skin routine or maybe because of the dirt and pollution that you face every day when you step out. If you are tired of this problem and are hoping to find some solution to it, we would recommend you to have some onions while preparing a salad. This will remove acne, pimples and breakouts successfully. You can also apply a mixture of onion juice and olive oil to get better results.

10. Skin Care:

The complexion in the skin is lightened by onions and here is when this vegetable offers benefits in the field of beauty and care. This is one of the best benefits of onions and women are quite fascinated by this particular feature of this vegetable.

11. Remove Dark Spots:

Onions can assist in eradicating dark spots quite effectively. This is one of the best benefits of onions. The dark spots and pigmentation are quite effectively reduced because of onions and this is why onion has so many uses in the field of beauty and skin care.

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Health Benefits Of Onions:

12. Gives You Good Sleep:

All those who always complain saying that they don’t get enough sleep at night, we offer you a quick and easy solution to this – onions. Yes, you read right! They will not only increase your ability to sleep better but also improves your style of sleeping. By this we mean that sleeping will not be a problem for you at all. And let’s not forget that insomniacs always suffer with their sleeping habits. So if you know someone who is facing such a tough situation, recommend onions to them. You will surely transform their lives.

13. Great For Your Eyes:

In order to improve your overall vision, we would suggest you to use onions on a daily basis. You will be surprised how this great vegetable can affect your eyes. They help in maintaining the health of your mucus membranes, your eye sight and skin. So if you want clearer and better vision, we would suggest you to have some peas. You can boil them or add them to your salad. You can even add them to your brown rice pulao. You will see great results.

14. Onions can assist a person in fighting infections and this is one of the prime benefits of consuming onion on a daily basis. All the onions are quite useful and the benefits are the same in almost all of them whether they are red, white or yellow. They have antiseptic properties and this is one of the best health benefits of onions.

15. They are rich in fiber and act as a great food for a fat reducing diet plan. If you are willing to maintain a healthy appetite that will provide you with all the necessaries and assist you to maintain the weight as well, then this is the right thing for you. The vitamin C content of onions are also quite helpful for all of us.

16. It can cure fever quite effectively and much faster and better compared to many artificial medicines out there. If you are willing to reduce your fever quickly by applying the most natural method, then consuming onions with your meals will obviously help. This is one of the best foods out there and the fever factor discussed here is one of the best health benefit of this fruit.

17. Onions can treat throat disorders caused due to fever or other similar issues. During the monsoon seasons throat issues such as sore throat are quite common . That is why consuming onions on a daily basis does assist in reducing the irritation in the throat and restricts the re-occurrence of the throat discomforts. This is one of the best benefits of onions. Who knew that simple pyaz could be so useful?

18. From ages, onions have been used in reducing the inflammations caused in the joints which is actually a side effect of arthritis. This is one of the best health benefits of onion which everyone will admire. The pains in the joints are also reduced quite effectively due to the natural element contained in the onions. If you are looking for one of the best natural ways to treat these issues, then onion is here for you.

19. Onion can also assist with the decaying of the tooth. According to researches, it has been seen that people consuming onions almost on a daily basis have a much better dental status compared to the ones who don’t have onion at all. This is again one of the finest health benefits that one can hardly expect from a vegetable. The best thing about onion is that it can take of so many things and most of the best dishes out there are incomplete without it.

20. Onions are quite useful for women’s private problems as well. It can assist with the menstrual issues. Whenever, women consult a doctor for these issues, they are provided with an expert diet chart and onion plays a significant role in that particular diet plan.

21. Did you know that the secretion of insulin in the body is stimulated by onions. This is one of the best benefits of this fruit and for this reasons people trust this vegetable so much for solving their internal physical problems. By maintaining the blood sugar levels and stimulating insulin onions can play a massive role in treating diabetes.

22. According our grandmothers, the juice made from onion is quite important in treating the ear problems and that is why people use for keeping their ears clean. The juice is often used for the infants as an eye drop as it has been proved to treat eye problems as well. This is one of the best benefits of onion juice and for this particular reasons, onion is one of the best vegetables out there that we can possibly have.

23. Black onion seeds have been proved to be totally effective for epilepsy. Some children with this kind of a medical condition cannot avail the conventional treatment and that is when the black onion seeds come in handy. The anti-convulsive feature of this vegetable is what allows it to work in this manner. It reduce the refractory sizes and keeps the body healthy. If you are willing to fight against some of the most common and most severe diseases of all time, then this fruit might be the right thing for you.

24. Black onion seeds are equipped with thymoquinone and this is a really powerful antioxidant. The myocardial injuries are prevented because of this particular antioxidant and because of this brilliant feature this is one of the finest vegetable out there for all of us.

25. The worms and stomach and intestines are also eradicated because of onions. This is one of the best benefits of onions and people trust this vegetable, especially for this particular function.

Above were some of the most important benefits of onion concerning the different field such as beauty and care, health, hair care, etc. These benefits make onion one of the best foods for us out there and one will be able to consume onions on a daily basis as well.

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