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Apple Diet Plan Benefits & Their Side Effects !

Apple diet plans are easy and simple to follow. It is a replacement diet that is followed for 3-5 days, according to how much weight to want to lose. For people who go on extreme diets to quickly lose weight, apple diet plans are the best of all options. You can cut back on fats and calories as much as you like but yet will not need to starve yourself, you can eat as many apples as you like. Apple diet plans don’t only help you lose weight but it also cleanses your system. It detoxifies your body. Here are the reasons as to how and why you should try the apple diet plan.

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What Does It Comprise Of?

The diet simply follows that you have to Apples for three days. From the second day, you can add a glass of orange juice and an egg if you want to. You have to drink an adequate amount of water and also you can have as many apples as your hungry stomach demands.

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Apple Diet Plan Benefits:

Here we explore some best apple diet plan benefits and their side effects. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Detoxification:

It helps your body to flush all the toxins out and within the given time period. Apples are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and fibre as well. It promotes colon health.  Apples are rich in pectin, which is an active fat blocker, but it is the cellulose in the apple that primarily helps in the process of detoxification.

2. Low Calories:

An apple contains a little over 100 calories which leave room for your desired quantity to eat. All you will require is a 45-minute walk to burn the minimal consumed calories. It is the best way to stall the consumption of excess calories and yet not remain hungry.

3. Anti-Ageing Benefits:

Apples contain a substantial amount of polyphenols. Polyphenol is a strong anti-oxidant that helps reduce wrinkles on the skin and helps to clear your skin, giving you beautiful and younger-looking skin. So with the benefit of losing weight, you also have clear skin.

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4. Quick Weight Loss:

The half-fast diet is the quickest and best way to lose weight if you need results ASAP. An apple does not have more than 130 calories, making it the best food when you are trying to cut down on calories. You can cut back on your calorie intake, without starving. Results have shown that you can lose close to nine lbs a day.

5. Rehydration:

You have to drink a lot of water for this diet to work. It is water that will help your bodysuit and adjust to such a drastic change in diet. Also, water will help you to flush the toxins out and keep your metabolism up.

6. Duration:

The ideal time recommended it 3-5 days. Following such a diet for a prolonged period can be harmful to your health. Apart from creating digestion disorders, it can also weaken the immune system and the exhaust the body of its resources. Not meeting the daily requirement of nutrition will also have adverse effects on the body. It is best to return to your normal diet once this cleansing period is over.

Apple Diet Plan Side Effects:

The diet does have side effects which include dizziness, nausea, headache, extreme exhaustion, fall in pressure etc. It can also cause gastric hyperactivity and once this phase is over it takes time for the digestive system to bounce back. People often tend to binge once the diet is over and tend to gain back the lost pounds.

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Who Can Opt For This Diet?

Young children and teenagers are advised to not follow such crash diets as it is not good for health. It is only under inevitable conditions that a person should follow such a diet and once this is done, get back to your old routine steadily. Continuing such a diet for long can be harmful.

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