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Best Fitness Activities for Kids

Best Fitness Activities for Kids

Excite four- to seven-year-olds by camouflaging fitness activities for kids into fun and attractive games. Physical fitness for kids helps them have active, positive lifestyles. Integrating knowledge and fitness games for kids will help convince them that exercise is important to their well-being, thus increasing the chance for fitness activities for kids to become a permanent part of their daily lives.

Health and Fitness for Kids

Once fitness games for kids are regularly incorporated into their experience, they are more likely to modify other health factors to complement their healthy lifestyles. There are plenty of fitness articles for kids recommending countless games and fitness programs for kids, stressing the fact that children lack aerobic endurance and tend to get bored. Therefore, fitness games for kids are the best options, because they are creative and stimulate their interest.

Best Fitness Activities for Kids

Fitness Facts for Kids

As you plan fitness games for kids, remember to incorporate health and real fitness components (cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility) throughout your session. To incorporate these fitness activities for kids successfully, you need to use them in fun ways. Having kids run a mile or perform push-ups and sit-ups may be good for their bodies, but could turn them off health and fitness exercises.

Camouflage Fitness Activities for Kids

Camouflaging physical activity for kids makes getting fit interesting, fun and more in keeping with a child’s natural way of moving. Tag games, walk/ run/jump activities and fitness circuits and relays provide the same benefits as more structured exercise, but are better tolerated by young kids. Take traditional fitness games for kids, give them new names and contemporary themes and you’ve got your classes planned.

Best Fitness Activities for Kids

Fitness Games for Kids: Monster Mash

Select three or four children to be the “monster mashers” and give each of them a beanbag. Everyone else is a monster. A monster is “mashed” whenever he is tagged on the shoe with a beanbag. The children may slide the beanbags across the floor or gently throw them. When mashed, a monster dances the “Transylvania Twist” (twisting the body five times) to the music.

Fitness Games for Kids: Builders and Bulldozers

Try this activity in the warm-up and fitness development sections. Divide children into two groups. Group one is made up of builders and group two of bulldozers. Place small cones, in a scattered formation, in the exercise area. Knock some of the cones over and leave the others standing. On your signal, the builders stand the cones up and the bulldozers knock them over. After about 30 seconds the groups switch roles.

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