Burn Calories With Housework

Burn Calories With Housework

How to Burn Calories with Housework

Did you know that not only a sweaty workout can do miracles for your body. You can burn calories with housework just like by doing aerobics, cardio or other workout programs.

Several exercises can be substituted with different activities in the house. It is said that women tend to spend from 1 to 3 hours with scrubbing, tidying up and cleaning – so why not turn the whole process into a specially planned workout session.

Let’s see which housework burn the most calories. – For keeping your arm in shape you can polish, mop, dust or even sweep. You can burn more than 200 calories per hour by doing housework as: vacuuming, window washing and mopping.

-With these activities you can improve your mood. The caloric burn rate resembles the amount of exercise you get when doing medium intensity aerobics.

– You can practice gardening in a different way, think about the fact that mowing the lawn can burn more than 400 calories the same amount as with cycling.

-More intensity is needed to do housework that’s why our body reacts faster to them. It will also tone your abs – try bending, pulling weeds and other exercises to burn calories with housework.

– Other activities as waxing the car or washing help you get rid of more than 500 calories per ‘session’. The result would be identical with the loss of calories during a long session of jump roping. Get your heart pumping – that’s the key to losing weight while doing housework.

Let’s break all the housework into workout sessions:

Day 1.

– 25 minutes washing dishes (don’t forget, it was demonstrated that washing dishes is a miraculous method for mental hygiene/maintaining mental health and it also help you to lose belly fat) – 20 minutes cleaning windows (great arm toning exercises) – 25 minutes scrubbing the floor (also ideal for your abdomen)

Day 2.

– 25 minutes making the beds (arms and abdomen) – 20 minutes dusting (arms) – 25 minutes vacuum cleaning

Day 3.

– 25 minutes washing dishes – 20 minutes vacuum cleaning – 25 minutes mopping

The point is to do these exercises without having a break, your blood pressure and heart rate must not decrease – if it does you won’t be able to burn calories properly, so put on your favorite song, dance around and get to work!