Cholesterol Symptoms And Causes

Cholesterol is an organic molecule and a type of steroid that is known as sterol. Cholesterol is the principle sterol synthesized by animals. It is an essential structural component of animal cell membrane and is required to maintain integrity and fluidity. It is an oil-based component found in the body and hence is not soluble in blood, which is known to be water based. Carriers named lipoproteins in our blood help in the transportation of cholesterol in our body. The main functions of cholesterol in our body are:

  • It helps to build digestive bile acids in our stomach and intestines
  • It helps in the production and absorption of vitamin D
  • It facilitates the body in producing certain hormones
  • It is the primary component in the wall structure of a cell.

It also helps in intracellular transportation, nerve conduction and endocytosis. It is also necessary for the release and regulation of hormones like cortisol and aldosterone. Specific researches have also shown cholesterol to be a partial antioxidant. Cholesterol is oxidized by the liver to form a variety of bile, which aid digestion.

cholesterol-symptoms & causes

Cholesterol is extremely important to the proper functioning of our body but only if consumed in the right quantities. Crossing or exceeding the limits of consumption can cause major diseases and complications in the body.

The condition of having a high percentage of cholesterol in your body is known as Hypercholesterolemia or dyslipidemia. This is the major reason behind Coronary heart diseases and heart complications. High level or presence of LDL in your body leads to its build up in arteries and other passages, whereas HDL carries it to the liver for it to be disposed and passed out of the body. As a result of cholesterol build up in arteries, we develop a condition or rather a complication called Atherosclerosis. In this complication, formation of plaque takes places, blocking the normal flow of blood in and out of the heart and creating immense pressure.

Cholesterol Symptoms And Causes:

This article guide you about what are the main causes and symptoms of cholesterol and high cholesterol which will help you to know what is your level of cholesterol.

Causes Of High Cholesterol:

The reasons or causes for hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol are,

1. High Sources Of Cholesterol:

Food that are rich in saturated fats and Trans fats are the biggest culprits in this case. Food like baked products, chocolates, oily food, meat especially red meat, fried and processed food and ghee and cheese are extremely high in cholesterol.

2. Genes:

Genetic factors play a major role in your body’s cholesterol level. They are inherited conditions and often dominate our present health. Various other conditions that are associated with cholesterol are often passed down through generations. Such an example would be Combined Hyperlipidemia.

3. Eating Saturated Fat:

Are you eating high amounts of saturated fat? This might be one of the main reasons behind high cholesterol issues. So, now that you have learned about one of the most important causes of high cholesterol, reduce the amounts of intake of saturated fat. Among most of the high cholesterol cases, it has been seen that most of them are due to saturated fat problems. This is one of the most probable causes of high cholesterol.

4. Bad Diet:

If a person doesn’t maintain a proper diet and just eat fast food and junk food, then there is a high chance that he will be suffering from cholesterol problems. One of the prime causes of high cholesterol problems is maintaining a bad diet. There are some foods which can provide your body good amounts of bad cholesterol and at the same time there are some fruit extracts which can act against these foul cholesterols and reduce them and make your body healthy from the inside. A bad diet is one of the basic elements that can cause your body serious harm and also hamper your physical conditions as well.

5. Processed Foods:

People eating processed foods have a good chance of seeing the signs of high cholesterol in them. This is one of the prime causes of high cholesterol. An individual will have to face a number of bad cholesterol issues if he eats packed food which are to fried or cooked when you bring them home. These are basically stored for a long time and will not provide your body with the right amount of proteins and nutrients.

6. Weight:

your weight can be one the most reasonable causes of high cholesterol. It has been according to survey that most of the people suffering from high cholesterol problems had a dramatic weight gain issues in the past. If you’re over 100kilos, then you have a massive chance of suffering from high cholesterol problems.

7. Activity Level:

One of the prime causes behind high cholesterol problems might be your activity level. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to break a sweat then you have a high chance of being affected with the high cholesterol problems. One should stay active as much as possible. This is probable the only way to sty fit for a long time (age). Just don’t sleep throughout the day. Get up and do some work.

8. Gender:

A lot of people are not aware of this, but gender is a determining factor when it comes to high cholesterol. In men the cholesterol generally settles down after the age of 50. In women, the cholesterol level stays same until their menstruation stops (menopause). After that, the levels rise (generally). So does in men.

9. Age:

Age is one of the high cholesterol causes. One can fall sick due to the symptoms of high cholesterol after the age 20. As after 20, the cholesterol levels generally rise and this is same for both men and women.

10. Overall Health:

Overall health matters when it come to cholesterol. A person will be facing some high cholesterol problems if their is not properly active and healthy. A healthy body will be automatically prove to be helpful in managing cholesterol levels. This is one the main cholesterol causes.

What Is The Treatment For Cholesterol:

There are various ways, as to how you can keep cholesterol in control. The two biggest steps that you can take and which will drastically help you are-

  • Your diet (what you eat)
  • Your lifestyle (what you do)

There is no medicine as such that will help you burn and exhaust all the stored up cholesterol. The only effective way to do so is exercise. This is the necessary alteration in your lifestyle. You need to exercise to keep cholesterol in control and associated problems at bay. Regular exercise will help to increase your metabolic rate and will help to burn down excessive calories and cholesterol. This will also help in maintaining a healthy weight, so that there isn’t excessive pressure on your heart muscles.

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Symptoms Of Cholesterol:

There are no particular signs or symptoms of high and high cholesterol as such. Having high cholesterol does not have any physical or psychological hints. Although according to the latest scientific studies, having a pot belly or pong has been associated with high level of cholesterol. So the best way to keep an eye on that level is to go for regular tests and screenings. If you do not do so, you’d land up killing yourself with a heart attack or coronary disease.

1. Heart Attack:

If a person is suffering from high cholesterol problems, then he (or she) has a high possibility of experiencing some heart problems. A heart attack is one of the most possible symptoms of cholesterol problems. Generally, this symptoms is most common in elderly people. This can be said to be one of the most seen cholesterol symptoms in people who fall under the senior citizen category.

2. Stroke:

This is also an important one among all the cholesterol symptoms. Among all the cholesterol symptoms this is the one that is most seen in both men and women. There is literally no running away from this symptom and almost each and every person with cholesterol issues face this symptom. It can be said as a typical cholesterol symptom. Generally, these strokes are caused by the blockage of arteries in the brain.

3. Chest Pain:

Excessive chest pain is often a symptom of high cholesterol. A person will be experiencing severe chest pain or angina if he or she is suffering from cholesterol problems. There will be times, when the pain will be unbearable. If the pain becomes intolerant, then one should consult a doctor. Some people ignore this symptom and this turns out to be bad for them only.

4. Back Pain:

Back pain is yet another symptom of cholesterol. If your cholesterol level s beyond limit, then back pain is waiting for you next. The cholesterol leads to sever back aches which will feel like back injuries. Persons with such cholesterol problems will automatically have to go through a number of other joint pain problems which can happen anytime. The pain generally, doesn’t want to leave the body. It can be said that such back pain feeds on the body and makes one extremely sick from the core.

5. Extreme Fatigue:

Fatigue is also an important one among all the cholesterol symptoms. A person suffering from some good amount of fatigue issues will be facing some severe pains in the neck and back as well (already discussed). A lot of people face the fatigue issues and this has been claimed as one of the prime discomforts and cholesterol symptoms.

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6. Shortness Of Breath:

An individual will be facing some breath issues when he or she is going through the phase of cholesterol problems. One won’t be able to speak for a long time at a single breath. This will also result in speaking difficulties. A person who faces difficulties in speaking might blame his cholesterol levels.

7. Neck Pain And Severe Headaches:

If you’re facing some serious headache problems, then there is a chance that you might be suffering from high cholesterol. This is one of the most seen cholesterol symptoms and people suffer from it the most.

8. Arm Aches:

Another common symptom among all the possible symptoms of cholesterol is the pain in the arms. Generally, people face a squeezing effect in the arms and this generally happens due to the high cholesterol outcomes (according to doctors).

9. Indigestion:

People suffering from cholesterol will face some indigestion problem. Stomach problems are pretty common during this time and the symptom of indigestion shouldn’t surprise you.

10. Anxiety:

last but not the least, another common point among all the cholesterol symptoms is anxiety.

Eat heart-friendly food that contains low levels of fat and sugars. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and small quantities of protein are a good list of suggestions to begin with. Also include whole grains and fiber rich food. Avoid smoking and keep a bar on how much alcohol you take in.

The level of cholesterol is simply an indicator of how unhealthy your inside is and how quickly a dangerous heart attack might be proceeding towards you. It is best to keep it in control and to learn to follow a healthy lifestyle to live longer. The Framingham Heart study, even today, helps to understand and determine the status of your heart and the effect of cholesterol on it and is an active contributor to analyzing chances of cardiovascular diseases.