Dandasana (Staff Pose) – How To Do And Benefits

Yoga which originated from the very roots of our country, India, is the most widely used form of exercise for spiritual, physical and mental health. The effectiveness of yogic exercises have been proved over the years. It not only enhances the body but also strengthens and purifies the mind. Practicing yoga is a great option to prevent major illness and diseases.

Dandasana (Staff Pose) - How To Do And Benefits

If yoga is practiced on a daily basis, it can fight many mental health issues like depression, sleep disorder, anger problems and more. From the uncountable number of yogic postures, here’s a really easy yet potent one that you may try. It is called Dandasana or the Stick Staff posture. Include this yoga exercise into your daily routine for a healthy and better life.

Dandasana (Staff Pose):

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How To Do It:

Before we get into the details of how this exercise might be beneficial to you, here are the step by step instructions to perform this posture.It’s a very easy form of yogic posture. Danda in Sanskrit means stick and asana means posture. Thus, the name stick or staff posture is rightly so. First, get yourself seated comfortably.

You may use a mat or a blanket if you wish to. Now, sit up straight. Your upper body should be erect but relaxed. It is recommended to use a wall for support for those who have back problems or might face difficulties in holding the pose. Next, extend your legs out in front of you. Keep your legs and feet hip width apart and parallel.

Your sitting bones should be pressed in the floor while you point the crown of your head to the ceiling as in lengthens and strengthens your spine. Keep your thighs firm and press them down against the floor for support. Your palms should be on the floor adjacent to your hips.

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Keep your front torso straight but relaxed. Also, relax your shoulders simultaneously.Your lower portion should be grounded while you relax your legs. As you hold the pose for at least thirty seconds, inhale and exhale accordingly. Follow the instructions carefully and you are sure to get it right.

How Does It Help Us:

Improvemen Of Posture:

The first and the most basic benefit that stick posture does to our body is that it improves our posture. It lengthens or stretches our spine along with straightening our back muscles. Thus, include this exercise in your yoga routine and all of these will ensure you a better posture.

Dandasana (Staff Pose) - How To Do And Benefits

Resistance To Injuries:

Practicing Dandasana also stretches our shoulders and chest. Simultaneously, it also nourishes our body’s resistance to back and hip injuries.

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Better Digestive System:

This yogic posture not only helps in improving our digestive system but also stimulates blood circulation. Controlled and regular breathing while holding the pose as we stretch our upper torso is good for digestion. Say goodbye to your digestion problems with this exercise.

Awareness Of Body And Calming Of Brain Cells:

It makes us aware of our body. Not only is the stick or staff posture beneficial to our body but equally the same to our mind too. It helps in calming our brain cells. It helps in forming a soothing effect on our mind. Just ten minutes practice of this yogic posture will do wonders to your mental health.

Improves Alignment Of Body:

Including Dandasana into our daily yoga regime will help in improving the alignment of our body. It also provides a mild stretch for hamstrings. Thus, this exercise is recommended to active people who are into activities like sports or dancing.