10 fall comfort foods that still support weight loss

10 fall comfort foods that still support weight loss

As the days gradually cool down, we should be aware of the importance of colorful foods in our meals every day. Eating well can help enhance our immune system, ready to fight off any fall and winter ills.

So, try including the following foods into your autumn eating to cover these important nutrients: zinc (lean red meat, seafood, milk, grains, lentils, nuts), vitamin E (nuts, seeds, vegetable oils), vitamin D (sunshine), iron (meat, legumes, fortified cereals) and vitamin C (fruits and vegetables) accompany with being more active by walking, cycling, playing sport.

We also, need foods that are low in calories that help us to keep fit. Therefore, we need foods which are low in calorie, healthy, rich and delicious the best choice is comfort foods .


Here are 10 automn comfort food recipes that are healthy, filling, and very good for weight loss.

1. Ratatouille

It is a yummy veggie food. It is filling and delicious includes, yellow onion, garlic, green and red bell pepper and eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash, carrots, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, fresh thyme leaves and olive oil. This food is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for this season.

2. Healthy potato leek soup with kale

This is comfort food and it is actually super nutritious and great for weight loss. This delicious food consists of red potatoes, leeks washed, kale, almond milk, veggie stock, cloves garlic, and organic butter.

10 fall comfort foods that still support weight loss

3. Healthy pomegranate and lentil soup

It is easy to make, super filling and good for weight loss (136 calorie per serving). For this food you need spinach, beet, black eye been, mung bean, garlic and pomegranate juice.

4. Roasted tomato bisque 

This soup is very low in calories (only 162 per serving!) but full of flavor, healthy and tasty. You can use it in sandwiches or as a topping for healthy pasta or veggie dishes. It contains roasted plum tomatoes, fresh thyme, extra-virgin olive oil, sweet yellow onion, garlic, cumin, coriander, NuNaturals liquid stevia, organic butter.

5. Grilled chicken with sun dried tomatoes & pistachio pesto 

It’s comforting, healthy and tasty with chicken breasts, Italian dressing, basil leaves, pistachios, olive oil and sun dried tomatoes packed in oil.

6. Spicy asian quinoa bowl with butternut squash 

So easy to make and great for satisfying unhealthy cravings for Chinese Takeout. For the recipe you’ll need: white quinoa, nutritional yeast, golden flax seeds, reduced sodium tamari, hot sauce, lemon juice, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, sesame seeds, and fresh cracked pepper.

7. Iranian lentil soup

This food is very delicious, rich in vitamin, protein and minerals and very good for the fall especially when it is served hot. Very low calorie 160Cal/serving. This food includes lentil, mushroom, potato, pumpkin, fried onion, and tomato puree.

8. Southwestern rice and corn frittata

This is very delicious and healthy and includes gradients that is very good for fall. Moreover, it is low in calorei 245Cal/serving. Whole-grain brown rice, olive oil, onion, chile, garlic, corn kernels, eggs, milk, fresh cilantro leaves, Mexican cheese blend, Prepared salsa.

9. Spaghetti squash with garlicky kale 

This recipe is so good and super easy too with spaghetti squash, kale, garlic, Parmesan or Pecorino Romano cheese, red pepper flakes, olive oil and fresh pepper.

10. Roasted veggies 

It’s essential to always have prepared veggies as a great snack, salad topping, or side dish and also we can take it as a main course (especially dinner) when we want to have a super tasty and low calorie meal. It includes: broccoli, baby carrots, yukon gold potatoes, sweet onion, radishes, and green beans, garlic powder, olive oil, whole grain mustard, Herbs de Provence.

I hope you like them and try them as comfort foods which are very good for weight loss or weight maintenance.