10 Filling Low Carb Low Fat Foods

10 Filling Low Carb Low Fat Foods

10 Filling Low Carb Low Fat Foods

Question: “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

Answer: Because you aren’t eating enough filling, low carb, low fat foods.

Here’s 10 to kickstart your weightloss!


In the battle against the bulge there is one group of foods that are far superior to all others. They are filling, low carb, low fat foods.

Of course if it’s low fat and low carb it’s much more likely to be a protein. Protein is a vital part of the human diet – it’s particularly important when you’re trying to lose weight as it keeps you satiated, energized and won’t pack on the fat. Protein also helps keep you fuller for longer, because the body requires 20% of the calories in the protein to actually digest the protein.

Protein also keeps you fuller for longer because it helps regulate your blood sugar level.

So you don’t then crave nasty high GI carbs like sugar and lollies.

Filling, low fat, low carb foods are the staple diet of most body sculpting and bodybuilding contestants as well – yes, they really are that good for weight loss.

So what are ten great ones to get started with?

1 – Chicken breast. 100g of skinless chicken breast contains about 23g of protein and pretty much no fat. It’s a no-brainer that this is the ultimate low fat, low carb, filling food for weight loss.

Tip: butterfly your chicken breasts and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Cook for 30 mins at approximately 170 degrees Celsius. Then chop freeze in individual portions for later use. If you find the taste of chicken breast a bit bland, just sprinkle a few herbs of your choice over the breast prior to baking (Italian works well).

2 – Cottage cheese. 1 cup of cottage cheese gives you about 28 grams of protein and almost no carbs. Moreover, it’s full of the slow-digesting protein casein.

Bonus! The other great thing about cottage cheese is that it’s so versatile. Add it to soups, vegetables, salads, mix with chocolate protein powder for a chocolate cheesecake substitute, make a cottage cheese meatloaf! The list goes on and on…

3 – Spinach. This food is filling, filling, filling. Mainly because it’s full of water! It’s also full of iron and is really low carb and has virtually no fat.  It’s a winner-winner, chicken (and spinach and cottage cheese) dinner!

4 – Mushrooms. Mushrooms are one of the only vegetables that contain Vitamin D – which you can get from the sun. But if you’re worried about skin cancer, then eat up your mushrooms. Again, virtually no fat, really low in carbs and really versatile.

5 – Egg whites. One egg white contains about 15 calories, 3.6 grams of protein and no fat. So, hopefully, right about now you are thinking about a cottage cheese, mushroom and spinach egg white omelette… Or how about a chicken, mushroom, spinach and egg white frittata?

6 – Tuna. 100g of tuna gives you about 20 grams of protein and almost no fat – unless, of course, you are fooled by the fancy can varieties. Avoid tuna in oil (oil is, of course, fat!). Also be wary of flavoured cans of tuna.

Some 100g cans of flavoured tuna contain less than 3 grams of fat… Some contain over 12! Read the labels carefully or – better yet – hoist a line and see what you can catch yourself. Fresh is, of course, always best!

10 Filling Low Carb Low Fat Foods

7 – Cauliflower. With about 5grams of carbs per cup and again no fat, cauliflower is a great filling, low carb, low fat source. However, it gets a special mention because of it’s versatility.

Cauliflower makes a great substitute for potatoes in a whole variety of ways: make a cauliflower crust pizza, use an alternative for mashed potato or use in soups instead of potato.

It’s also good pulverized or put through a food processer as a substitute for couscous, rice or any other of a wide variety of “carby” grains.

8 – High protein, low fat yoghurt. Today most yoghurts are pretty much just glorified desserts. Greek yoghurt was the be all and end all for healthy yoghurt options once upon a time. However, today there are increasing numbers of high protein, low fat low carb yoghurts on the market (which still taste great!).

Just be wary of high protein, low fat yoghurts which are flavoured. If they add fruit, honey or grains (such as oats) the carb content can increase significantly.

9 – Broccoli. Another one of those body sculptor staples!  7 grams of carbs per 100g, but also 2.8 grams of protein (and one cannot live on protein alone!)

10 – Barramundi (or similar fish). Barramundi is a native Australian fish that contains 19g of protein per 100g, 1.5grams of fat and no carbs. It also tastes delicious! Barramundi comes in both fresh and saltwater varieties and there are undoubtedly local fish species in your part of the world with similar low fat, low carb, filling properties.

Plus one:  Seeing as we are down under, I can’t help but mention kangaroo as well. Kangaroo has about one sixth the fat of a trimmed beef fillet and three times as much iron.

However, if you can’t find kangaroo in your local supermarket (or have an aversion to eating something entirely alien to you or that might just be on your nation’s coat of arms) then most game meats are similarly low fat, low carb and filling (try bison, venison, elk etc).

So if you are constantly asking yourself, “Why can’t I lose weight”, have a look at the list above. It might just be that you aren’t eating enough filling, low carb, low fat foods. And you really must. Most of them taste delicious!