10 of the Most Common Dieting Mistakes

10 of the Most Common Dieting Mistakes



Dieting is an ongoing cycle of successes and failures; a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain, but it is one ride you cannot seem to get off of.

By now you likely have a trash bin full of diets that have failed you, yet you won’t give up the hunt for the right diet that is sure to be your one way ticket to the body you love.

In other aspects of your life, such as your job or with your family, if a certain approach doesn’t work you try something different.

But why, when it comes to weight loss, no matter how many dieting attempts you make without success, do you keep going back for more?

The reason is because society has molded you into believing that dieting is the only way, your only hope to achieving the body you love. But dieting has done quite the opposite.

It has prevented you from reaching the goal of living diet free and allowing yourself complete freedom from food worry which eventually leads to long term weight loss.

Diets don’t work for many reasons.

10 of the Most Common Dieting Mistakes

Diets are tantalizing because it is human nature to be drawn to the idea of following a plan or a set of rules to get you to a certain point. It eliminates the ambiguity of “how” to lose weight.

Many people even feel exhilarated at the beginning of a new diet at the thought of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time, but all dieting does is lead to long term weight gain and self-doubt.

All diets follow similar themes in that they advise you to eliminate certain foods and/or major food groups, restrict calories, or cut out certain nutrients. Food and calorie restriction causes your body to go into “starvation mode”, causing your metabolism to slow down.

Then when you have the opportunity to really eat, the desire for food and the consequence of overeating is intensified and often uncontrollable.

This uncontrollable sensation to eat makes you feel like a failure, but in reality it is a natural response to starvation and dieting. The restricted approach to weight loss that diets provide doesn’t set you up for long term success, nor is it healthy.

The success/failure nature of dieting can be very debilitating on a psychological level, and you might be wondering why you spend so much time dieting and not losing weight. What mistakes are you making that are preventing you from getting off of the diet roller coaster?

Common dieting mistakes include:

1. Skipping meals (particularly breakfast)

2. Not getting enough sleep

3.Restricting calories during the day and overeating at night

4. Over exercising

5. Not balancing your meals

6. Choosing high calorie dressings and dips

7.Going too long in between eating

8.Not drinking enough water

9. Drinking too much alcohol

10. Eating out too often

Though these mistakes do hold true for why dieting might not be working for you, correcting these mistakes might not be the REAL answer to getting off the diet roller coaster for good.

All these mistakes highlight food as the problem, but in my experience working with my clients, I have discovered 3 big mistakes that people make that keep them yo-yo dieting and they have nothing to do with food.

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