10 worst foods to kick out before summer

10 worst foods to kick out before summer

10 worst foods to kick out before summer

Summer is around the corner and it’s a crucial time to start kicking bad habits and  poor food choices from our daily habits. When clients come  see me at my office for weight loss here are the 10 WORST FOODS I tell them to kick out first.

1. Soda

Drinking soda is like drinking liquid candy.


Sodas are sugary calorie bombs that have been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, premature aging and hormone disruption. Sodas contributed on a big part on the obesity epidemic.

Most sodas contain high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, preservatives and other chemical ingredients.

2. Deep fried food

The problems with eating deep-fat fried foods is that cooking foods at such high temperature may cause them to form toxic chemical compounds. Deep fried food are also really high calorie dense food.

The Harvard study found that those who consumed potatoes almost every day in any form, put on about a pound on average over four years.

Best option is to grilled, boiled or oven cook food.

3. Bagels

Have some client telling me “I don’t eat bread, But I eat bagel”. Which is  even worst… Noooo! lol

Bagel are higher than bread in calories cause it is denser beyond their caloric content, most of them are made with refined white flour, which means all the good vitamins, minerals and fiber have been processed out of them.

Refined white-flour foods are linked to weight gain, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Also, bagels have a massively high glycemic index, which increases insulin and leads to increased inflammation in the body,

Best option is to have a piece of organic Ezekiel  bread.

4.Processed Baked Goods

I know baked goods are good for the mojo but not so good for your waist line . Those pre-packaged mini muffins, doughnuts, and dessert cakes will add tons of calories and loads of unwanted sugar to your diet, plus they aren’t easy to digest.

These are made with refined flour, sugar and processed ingredients causing inflammation in the body and increase insulin.

Have a fresh fruit if you crave sugar

10 worst foods to kick out before summer

5. Sugary Cereal

A bowl of Frosted Flakes, Lucky charm, or Cap’n Crunch might comfort you, but it’ll cause some havoc with its high amount of inflammation-causing sugar and gluten content.

Better alternative: in the morning have oatmeal with cinnamon & a bite of honey.

6. Deli Meats

Processed meat, that includes bacon, ham, hot dogs, sausages, salami and whatever meat bits are used in ready-to-eat deli meats. Those are high in saturated fats and sodium and has been found to increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Better alternative:  lean meat like fresh chicken breast or turkey, grilled or oven roasted.

7. Ice cream and cream

Cream comes with a variety of fat contents depending on the type. Coffee Cream is about 10.5-18% fat but double cream can contain 40% or more fat content and the fat is mostly saturated fats.

Pointless to say this is never going to be a health food and is definitely not a good option if you are trying to lose weight.  Ice cream contains not only fattening cream, but also tonnes of sugar, meaning it is generally incredibly high in calories. High sugar with high fat content is never I good option.

Better choice : Use low fat yogurt to replace cream in cooking and choose frozen yogurt low in sugar to replace ice cream.

8. Chocolate, cakes and candy

We  should all know that. These foods are high in fat, sugar and calories and generally provide very little nutritional advantage.  The average 100g chocolate bar contains about 20 to 30 g of fat, which is over half of the recommended allowance for most sedentary individuals.

Better alternative:  Pick dark chocolate (more than 70%) and have a small amount.

9. Canned Soup and Instant Noodle Cups

Some choices in the soup  have half a day’s worth of sodium in a serving.  it also usually  contains refining grains and preservative agents. Consequently, those have a poor nutritional value.

Better choice: Homemade soup with vegetables, low sodium broth and whole grains.

10. Chips

Favorite snack for so many. Chips contain high amount of fat and sodium and usually include a refined grain. A 2-ounce bag of chips usually adds more than 300 calories, 20 grams of fat, and over 450 milligrams of sodium. The worst part is we tend to eat too much of them because even a 2-ounce portion doesn’t seem to satisfy our stomach.

Better alternative:  oven baked sweet potato chips or even better fresh cut vegetable ?

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