12 fitness secrets of extremely fit people

12 fitness secrets of extremely fit people

12 fitness secrets of extremely fit people

I’ve been in and around the fitness world almost my entire life. When someone says to me “I have a secret for getting…” big or lean, I usually know once they have told me what it is. I am completely dubious of what magazines and the internet are trying to say, nine times out of ten.

The information leads to buying a certain miracle product. Other times it’s just a load of rubbish they are talking about to gain attention. I don’t fall for these, and I doubt you do too since you’re reading from this website.

12 Secrets of fitness


1. “Google”.

What do I mean by google?  Fitness professionals all over the world use google and social media to get information. Its not cheating, its just getting hold of information quickly. For the people with little or no knowledge about fitness, this way isn’t going to be great. The information can be varied and misleading, but it takes a good amount of knowledge in the first place to know the stuff you’re reading is legitimate.

2. Mentality.

The mentality you wake up and maintain throughout a day is going to be telling on any fitness journey. Be aware most people fail because their mentality is all wrong. I’ve been defeated over and over in the weights room, in life and in general.

Even though I have setbacks and turns for the worse, I wake up with a determination and will to live each day to the very best. If you can’t wake up and be excited about your day or visit to the gym, then you need help. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a fitness expert without having that part of myself right.

3. Water.

Without saying all the typical benefits of water, it is essential to life. I try drink 1 litre of water for every 25kg of bodyweight. It keeps me hydrated, helps with fat loss, and if you drink very cold water your core temperature goes down and your body works harder and burns more calories. Go drink up!

4. Workouts.

Workouts aren’t a secret thing, you can get plenty of workout ideas in magazines, the internet and apps etc. The secret here is to get the right workout for you. I learned a long time ago to stop doing all the things I like in the gym and get my butt used to not liking things.

Sounds strange right? Physically, mentally and emotionally, people only grow when we outside their comfort zone.  The best way to do this is to take something you hate doing, and make yourself amazing at it.

Not stupidly if your body has certain complications of course. I broke my knee, then squatting a massive weight all the way down just isn’t going to help me but getting the best at it that I can be will make me better.

I would advise anyone to speak to a personal trainer, and speak to them directly about a personalised program. It might cost you but so what in the long run you will be miles ahead of someone who doesn’t get professional help.

5. Comparisons.

Stop comparing yourself to the seasoned weightlifters in the gym and stop trying so hard to look like the latest fitness model. Concentrate on what you’re doing and how well you’re doing it.

People used to train close to me and try copying what I had just done with the weight I just used and I’m deceptively strong so they ended up doing it with poor form.They wont change their body for the better doing that. Work hard with the weight that’s good for you, then when its easy, increase.

Don’t just grab the first big weight you see and try to emulate the big guys in the gym. Speak to them or a fitness professional, get advice, don’t copy. Ladies, all those little clips you see of various squats are not going to get you to look like the fitness model doing them. Seek proper advice to get real results.

6. Do cardio everyday.

I never said these would be big secrets. This is common sense. I aim for at the bare minimum of 15 mins cardiovascular exercise per day.

12 fitness secrets of extremely fit people

Why? It keeps the heart healthy, it keeps the body ticking over and for some people its an excellent way to destress. Don’t overlook cardio–fit it in everyday, be it a brisk walk or in a gym. Just get it done!

7. The Scale.

The scale is the enemy if you ask me. I’m afraid its nice to see you shifting a few pounds of weight, but the reality is that could be anything you have just lost. Water weight, fat or worst of all, muscle.

Stay away from the scale. Instead, are your clothes looking better on you? Do you feel better stronger more confident? Take pictures and compare them–its more accurate than a scale that tells you how much you weigh. Are people telling you how good you’re looking? Don’t stop what you’re doing.

8. Stress.

By my own admission, my life is very very hectic and I am busy all the time. I could be a stressed out person, but stress is actually the releasing of cortisol, in small amounts. Cortisol is fine, but when your body and mind are stressed too much, the release of cortisol will make you start storing fat.

I have de-stressed my life as much as possible. the secret here is try not get stressed. In the world we live in, its hard not to be. I’d be happy to talk over strategies with you if you can’t think of anything you can do yourself. Before that I would suggest trying meditation for 10 minutes. It will help, believe me!

9. People.

This could be a controversial secret for some. The people we surround ourselves with effect our wellnesss. For me its easy I work as a Fitness Professional, surrounded by 99% positive people. It wasn’t always this way, naysayers are everywhere. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’ll never achieve this or that.

If someones bringing you down for eating healthy or going to the gym, say goodbye to them. You don’t need that person in your life. The people who encourage you and push you forward are the ones you need. They may be more rare, but they are the ones you need. Without those people I wouldn’t be the success story I am now.

10. Sleep.

Sleep is here as a secret because I didn’t know how well kept a secret this was until adulthood. We as adults, again due to the life we lead, tend to have terrible sleeping patterns. Sleep is essential to the growth and repair of your body. Its also when your brain computes all of the day’s information you need this time.

It’s not a secret as such but aim for minimum 6 hours a night, preferably 7-9 hours. If its late and you’re reading this, forget 11 and 12 and go to sleep. I’m only joking–finish reading this first!

11. Supplements.

Supplements are there to aid in your fitness journey, but also the companies are out to make lots of money. Don’t buy just for the sake of trying something new. Protein powders are best for adding extra protein into your diet and for recovery after a workout. Multivitamins are great if you lack vegetables in your diet.

Coffee is a great pre workout drink, but not a coffee chain. Really you can get away with just eating food, but these products will help and can save you money and your health in the long run.

12. Food.

I won’t give away a healthy diet or anything, but when it comes to eating and fitness, clean eating is king. Now what does clean eating mean? It means not eating food that you don’t prepare yourself or buy ready made.

It means putting effort into getting a sustainable way of eating with foods that have ingredients you can pronounce. I left this to last because this is the ultimate secret. Do this and get it right, and you can achieve anything you want fitness-wise.

I hope you enjoyed these more common sense secrets, if you would like to discuss any of the secrets at length please contact me to learn more!