12 Weeks To A Bikini Body: The Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide – Part 3

12 Weeks To A Bikini Body: The Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide – Part 3

Finishing off a perfect bikini body requires not just Part 1 and Part 2…So continue reading to gain the Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide to get Summer ready! Here’s the final part of your 12 weeks to a bikini body plan.

5. Exercise

I suggest engaging in exercise that you enjoy, that makes you feel great and free at the same time. Engage in exercises that you love and loves you back. One way to increase fat release is short, intense, movement which increases fat burn all day. My basic suggestions for exercise: Slow eccentric (the lowering phase) muscle movements, and fast concentric (the upward phase) muscle movement. This type of exercise is used during weight training (see below). The Fast/Slow type exercise utilizes Type 2 muscle fibers. Type 2 muscle fibers engage more muscle, thus the more muscle fibers recruited, the more oxygen is required, thus more muscle tone and fat release. I suggest an additional 30 minutes of basic movement 4-5 days per week: Walking: 30 minutes/4-5 days per week. Cycling: 30 minutes/4-5 days per week Swimming: 20 minutes/3-4 days per week Running: 20 minutes/2-3 days per week Jump Rope: 20 minutes/3-4 days per week High Intensity Burst: 10-15 minutes/2-3 days per week 12 Weeks To A Bikini Body: The Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide – Part 3Weight Training: 2-4 days per week. Weight training is a must if you want tone and definition. Body weight training is also an excellent way to tone. (slow on the eccentric and fast on concentric movements.) • Horizontal Push/Pull (Bench press, Bent Rows) • Vertical Push/Pull (Shoulder Press, Pull-ups) • Quad Dominant (Lunges) • Hip/Hamstring Dominant (Dead Lifts) • Elbow Flexion/Extension (Bicep curls, Tricep extension) • Best abdominal work: (slow on the eccentric phase) (fast on the concentric phase) In the pictures below you can see: – crawling variations – primal rotations 12 Weeks To A Bikini Body: The Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide – Part 3 Other options are: – L-sits – Plank variations – Leg raises – Rolling patterns – Turkish Getups – Hanging leg raises – Pull-ups – Push-ups 12 Weeks To A Bikini Body: The Absolute Diet & Exercise Guide – Part 3


6. Sleep

Sleep is vital to weight loss. Optimal sleep consists of 8-9 hours per night. Good sleep aids in regulating cortisol, thus minimizes blood sugar spikes. When cortisol is regulated, our bodies burn fat effectively. And when sleep is good, the mid-morning hunger stays at bay much easier. Blood sugar is key to weight loss. One way to keep cortisol at bay is to relax.

7. Relax

I get it! You get stressed out and the only thing you are thinking about is a way to “feel better.” So, the first thing you do is grab a bag of whatever makes you feel better. Here’s what I want you to do…stop it! That’s right, think about what you are doing. stop, breathe, and think… “I am not going to allow this thought to control my goals, my day, or my determination to win.” I actually want you to say to yourself…”stop!” Then, I want you to shift your eyes to the opposite side of the direction that they are in at the time. This will shift your thoughts from one side of the brain to the other, thus emotional to logical. Each day – I prefer in the morning – take 15-30 minutes to pray, meditate, reflect how you want your day to go. Act out in your mind on how you see your day ahead of you. Breathe in through your nose, expanding your belly, then breathe out through your mouth, letting go of any negative emotion that you feel you are hanging on to. Choose, at this time to set your good, lovely, true, honorable , praiseworthy intentions for your day.

8. Take action

Pick 10 action items that are either the most important or the most attainable over the next 12 weeks. Write them down in the order of importance, from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest). Then write when you’ll start taking action and any potential challenges you foresee, as well as solutions to help you overcome those obstacles. Connect with Expert Esther Harrier