3 steps to breaking free from dieting and losing weight forever

3 steps to breaking free from dieting and losing weight forever

3 steps to breaking free from dieting and losing weight forever

You have struggled with your weight for years. You go on and off diets in hopes of finding the diet that will be “the one”. You lose weight, but then you go off the diet and you regain the weight you lost, plus more.

This is an all too familiar scenario for the chronic dieter, also called the yo-yo dieter. It is called The Dieter’s Dilemma. It all starts with your desire to be thin. So you go on a diet. Dieting increases cravings and urges for food that you have denied yourself. You then give in to the cravings, overeat and eventually regain any lost weight. Now you are back to where you started, at your original weight or even higher. And once again you have the desire to be thin and you start another diet. The cycle continues and The Dieter’s Dilemma gets worse each time you go through this cycle.

The only way to break through this cycle is to give up dieting and to learn to become an intuitive and mindful eater. The process of learning to become an intuitive and mindful eater is a journey. It is about taking steps towards becoming someone you love inside and out. It will end your search for the next diet miracle because it is through intuitive and mindful eating that you will find your destination: a body you love and that you can maintain forever without dieting.

Here are 3 steps you should take now in order to live a diet-free life of guilt-free eating in a body you love.

Step 1: Shift into a non-diet mindset by rejecting the diet mentality.

You likely have a list of “good” and “bad”, or “legal” or “Illegal” foods that you can or cannot eat. This sets you up for feelings of deprivation and eventual overeating on those foods you have deprived yourself of. Throwing out those lists and the diets you have in your home will set your commitment to a diet-free way of life. While this isn’t an easy step, it is a crucial step if you are going to be free of the restriction of diets.

Step 2: Build a strong support network to help cheer you along.

The path towards becoming an intuitive and mindful eater is easier when you have a support system in place. Equally important is the aspect of self-care. You must take care of your basic needs if you expect to be able to tune into your inner signals of hunger and satiety. Take time for yourself, get enough sleep, and schedule play time into your busy day.

3 steps to breaking free from dieting and losing weight forever

Step 3: Honor your body by tuning into your thoughts, feelings and signals.

This means really listen for your hunger and fullness signals and let those signals guide your eating at each and every meal. Tune in when you are eating, eat slowly and savor every bite of food, appreciating the many tastes, textures and aromas on your plate. In this step it is also important to learn to cope with your emotions without food.

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