5 Awesome Foods to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Dinner

5 Awesome Foods to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Dinner

5 Awesome Foods to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Dinner

In my book, Fit 2 Love, I equate the relationship with food, similar to the way we have relationships with those we are romantically interested in – I called it A Food Love Affair.

Food is nourishment, as well as pleasure. You wouldn’t rush through a date with the person you love, so treat your dining experience as sacred as well. Slowing down and enjoying what is on your plate means chewing it thoroughly, savoring the flavors, textures and pleasures of each bite. By slowing down when you eat, you will experience the food with more satisfaction and need less of it.

Many foods are considered aphrodisiacs and have a strong power over the libido. Mineral and vitamin rich, most of these foods are low in fat and often appear in the shape of sexual organs they influence.


So let’s spice up your dinner

Taking it to a whole new level by using these foods and the influence they might have to increase the passion in and out of the bedroom.

Here are 5 foods that will fit right in with a healthy, delicious Valentine’s dinner that will set the tone for a passionate evening:

 1. Artichokes: Like a blossom of a woman, needs the petals to be pulled back, slowly uncovering the treasure inside. Share one for an appetizer and savor every bite.

2. Basil: Its alluring fragrance has been used for centuries to keep wandering eyes focused at home. Have it with some tomato and mozzarella, or in a salad – ask for extra and make sure to smell it deeply before you eat it.

3. Avocado: Cut in half, mimics the curves of a woman. Aztec culture considered it powerful, and it melts in the mouth upon contact. Have it in a salad or in place of cheese with a dish.  Let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds before chewing it completely and enjoy the sensation.

5 Awesome Foods to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Dinner

4. Chocolate contains pheylethylamine, which is the same molecule detected in our veins when we are in love. Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Eat it plain or pair it with this sexy fruit below for a double whammy or temptation!

5. Strawberries: Mixture of tart and sweet, easy to hold and enjoyable to the lips plain or dipped in chocolate. Feed each other and slowly take a bite so the juices can fall slowly into your mouth. Enjoy the sensation of the strawberry in your mouth and use this time to prepare for any after dinner activities you might be looking forward to – consider this part of the foreplay.

There are other foods that stimulate the libido as well, but I chose the most common ingredients you can find on a restaurant menu and in your grocery store.  You can even prepare these at home for an even more intimate experience!

Happy Valentine’s Day!