5 quick and yummy bodybuilding recipes for a shredded look

5 quick and yummy bodybuilding recipes for a shredded look

5 quick and yummy bodybuilding recipes for a shredded look

There is no athlete in all of sport… or in the entire world that can get ultra lean and shredded BUT maintain their muscle mass like bodybuilders. Now having said that… isn’t that exactly what all gym junkies are trying to achieve? A lower fat mass and a higher muscle mass or as a woman at least trying to maintain your muscle mass? Perhaps not on the scale as someone like myself when I walk on the stage, but the path is the same nonetheless, and so the plan should also be the same.

Then why do people try to lose weight with commercial companies such as Jenny Craig or Weight Whatchers that focus on weight loss (total weight of muscle and fat depletion) rather than fat loss (loss of fat whilst maintaining muscle)? After all, it’s the muscle that gives the end body its shape and figure… so, let’s maintain what we have built and shred the fat over the top, revealing the artwork that lays beneath.


-Zahin Singh

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There are many variables to customize a specific bodybuilding  nutrition plan, so here are the basic fundamentals

Why is there no or very little carbohydrates and sugar in the meals?

Our body’s primary fuel source is sugar. If you remove sugar from your diet, your body is now forced to go to its back-up, which is stored fat. Some people will take up to 3 weeks for their body to realize there is no sugar entering the body and to now change from a sugar burning metabolism to a fat burning metabolism. Remain patient. When the diet ‘kicks in’, you will burn fat fast.

Sugar is also very acidic which forces your body to retain water (in an attempt to neutralise the acid and keep the pH of the body in balance). Removing sugar hence lowers toxicity of the cells and water retention, which is also the key to reducing the visible signs of cellulite.

Why no fruit?

Yes, it may be true that you can’t get fat by eating fruit, but it does NOT help you burn fat. The sugar in fruit raises insulin levels forcing the body to switch back from a fat to a sugar burning metabolism, which will slow down your progress.
Also remember there is not a single vitamin or mineral in fruit you cannot get from your vegetables, so you aren’t missing out on any nutrients.

 In each meal you need protein

We need protein to recover and develop our muscles from our workouts. So, eating at least 30g of protein per meal is vital.

Also remember that a calorie is not just a calorie. There is an equal of 4 calories in 1g of carbohydrates and 1g of protein… so why protein and not carbohydrates when they have the same amount of calories per gram? Simple, your body burns more calories digesting protein, so the end result is a lower caloric intake of calories eaten from protein than from carbohydrates.

Protein tends to be very toxic as your body will produce more acid to digest it. I suggest eating mostly whey protein isolate (which is alkaline forming) and fish, little white meat and minimal red meat.

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In each meal you need vegetables

As you will be eating your vegetables with acidic protein, it is important for you to counter balance the acid with a highly alkaline vegetable. The top 2 are broccoli and asparagus. If you become a little gassy and/or bloated, cut back on the broccoli and increase the asparagus.

Now… because your muscles primary fuel source for contraction is  muscle glycogen (sugar) and this is what we are cutting from our diet, body types like tall and skinny ectomorphs may lose muscle mass. So, for these populations, we need to  drip feed carbohydrates. Drip feeding means to add drips (small amounts) of carbohydrates into each meal. Adding 10-30g of carbs is viable. This will prevent catabolism and help maintain muscle mass during the calorie restriction phase to get shredded.

The vegetable I suggest is Sweet Potato. But be warned, the methods of cooking sweet potato can change how fast the sugars are released from the food (GI). High GI (fast release) is bad, as the body doesn’t have time to use the carbs and will store the excess as fat. Low GI (slower release) is good as you are giving your body time to burn the carbs and therefore no sugar is needed to be stored as fat. Boiled sweet potato is great. Baked and fried is not a good idea.

Here are 5 bodybuilding recipes for that shredded look

3 recepies for Mesoomorphs (short and stocky) and Endomorphs (rounder)
with minimal carbohydrates, protein and vegetables

5 quick and yummy bodybuilding recipes for a shredded look

Chicken Breast and Broccholi (with a secret sauce)

1, 100g Grilled Chicken Breast with
2, 6 branches of Broccholi and
3, Nando’s Perri Perri Sauce

– No artificial preservatives
– No artificial flavours
– No added MSG
– Halal
– No artificial colours
– Kosher
– Gluten free

Grilled Salmon and Asparagus

1, Grilled White Fish (less fat than red fish)
2, 12x boiled Asparagus
3, Add squeezed lemon
4, Add a touch of Himalayan Rock Salt

Tuna Salad

1, 1 can of tuna in Olive Oil
2, 1 hand of spinach leaves
3, Add half an avocado
4, Add 1 hand of cashew nuts
5, Add squeezed lemon
6, Add a touch of Himalayan Rock Salt

– Mix the salad with your hand until the avocado has bonded the salad

2 for Ectomorphs (tall and thinner)
with 10-30g of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables

A great breakfast idea for ALL body types

Chocolate Oats

1, Boil 100g of Oats for 3min
2, Leave it to cool until warm
3, Add to the bowl 1 table spoon of Peanut Butter
4, Add 1-2 scoops of Whey Protein Isolate in your desired flavor (chocolate?)
5, Mix with a spoon until the peanut butter is smoothed in along with the whey protein.

Chicken and Sweet Potato

1, 100g Chicken Breast
2, 50g of boiled Sweet Potato
3, 12xBoiled Asparagus Sticks
4, Add Nando’s Lemon and Herb Sauce

– No artificial preservatives
– No artificial flavours
– No added MSG
– Halal
– No artificial colours
– Kosher
– Suitable for vegetarians
– Gluten free