5 Ultimate Machines to Help You in the Kitchen

5 Ultimate Machines to Help You in the Kitchen

The internet is packed with super duper kitchen gadgets and appliances all promising to make eating healthy easier. You could spend a fortune filling your cupboards and surfaces with fancy kitchen gadgets. But do they work? Do you need them all? Are they all necessary?

Clients ask me all the time ‘what shall I buy?’, ‘which is best?’, ‘which ones work?’

I have used a great many gadgets over the years but I have found that you don’t need many of them. These are the ultimate machines to help you in the kitchen and will transform your health and eating.


I have put together a list of my essential Top 5 Ultimate Kitchen Machines to help you in the kitchen. This list is perfect if you are short on space or have a limited budget. It is also perfect if you are overwhelmed and feeling unsure about what gadgets you actually need.

5 best kitchen tools for weightloss:


This is my absolute favourite. Steaming is one of the healthiest and quickest ways to cook vegetables as it retains all their goodness and flavour.

A steel stove top or three tiered steamer just sits on your hob. You can use one tier or all of them. You can get a small one if you live alone or a larger one if you have a family. The bottom pan can be used to make chilli, soups and stews as well as stock too. Having a larger sized steamer means I can steam extra vegetables and keep for making fritattas or omelettes the next day.

Electric Health Food Grill:

For cooking speed, health and convenience you can’t get any better. An electric health food grill comes in many sizes. You can even get ones big enough to use outside.

They are ideal because you need minimal oil, they maintain the moisture of the food in the middle and cook food quickly. Most are made from non-stick, easy clean plates and are ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables and even toasted panini or sandwiches. They also take up minimal space on the surface or in a cupboard.


5 Ultimate Machines to Help You in the KitchenI couldn’t live without my spiralizer. Once the reserve of super health concious people, this ultimate low cost kitchen gadget is fast becoming a family favourite as you can create delicious and beautiful low-carb pasta, spaghetti and crisps in moments.

Using a spiralizer can help slash calories and carbs as you swap usual pasta options for raw vegetables. You can transform salads with ribbons and noodles of raw vegetables. Some models come with a selection of blades so you can be a creative or as lazy as you wish.


There are so many different types and models on the market. Personally I am a fan of the top end blenders that tend to cover all bases. A good blender is likely to be the most expensive investment out of all of them, but if you get the right one it will last a lifetime and will perform numerous tasks, be easy to clean and literally become the workhorse of your kitchen.

Having a good quality blender will replace the need for a chopper, juicer, soup maker, ice cream maker and food processor. Blending vegetables instead of juicing them means you gain all the benefit of the pulp and fibre and some blenders will make and heat the soup from scratch.

In just minutes you can make sauces, dips, bread and cake mixes, make flour, nut butters, ice cream smoothies, milkshakes and much more. A worthwhile investment for time saving and health!

Slow cooker:

Slow cookers are like the unsung hero of the kitchen. Often put away and forgotten about. Who doesn’t love to come home to freshly, cooked hot meal every night? A slow cooker is one of the easiest machines to use. You simply add all the ingredients, turn it on and away it goes.

You can make cost effective meals in a matter of minutes so perfect for busy people. It’s also ideal for those on a budget as you can create tasty and healthy meals with cheaper cuts of meat more slowly. Perfect for stocks, soups, stews, curries, ratatouille, chilli’s, hot pots and more.

So there you have it! My 5 Ultimate Kitchen Machines to help you in the kitchen.

Big love, small tummies!

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