6 Signs That It’s Time To Stop Dieting Forever

6 Signs That It’s Time To Stop Dieting Forever

Living with a diet mentality can be very overwhelming. Filling your mind with negative thoughts, stress around food and even a fear of eating can arise.

The thought of going on another diet sends chills up your spine. You just don’t have the bandwidth to count another calorie, tally up any more points or journal every morsel of food you have eaten today.

But you want to lose weight. So you think the only way to do that is to go on a diet. Yet, it fails again. How long will you allow yourself to continue on this viscous cycle of yo-yo dieting?


Here are 6 signs that it is time to stop dieting forever:

1.      Brain Overload

You try really hard to keep track of what you eat and drink every day. You know how many calories are in the five jelly beans you just popped into your mouth, the lick of frosting you licked off the spatula, and the donut crumbs you ate that your little sister left on the kitchen table.

You have calculated every point of every food you ate, and you have become obsessed with numbers. Whether they be numbers of calories, fat, carbs, or points, you have no more space left in your memory bank…your brain is overloaded.

This is a sure sign that you are eating based on numbers and not based on foods you love and that can nourish your mind, body and soul. It is an unfortunate side effect of dieting.

2.      Food Obsession

6 Signs That It’s Time To Stop Dieting Forever

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about food? What did I eat yesterday, what did I eat before, what am I eating now, what can or will I eat later? You are obsessed with food, and you no longer trust yourself around food.

3.      Pocrescophobia (a.k.a. fear of gaining weight)

Dieting leads to an obsession with the scale and your body weight. As a chronic dieter, you weigh yourself often, multiple times per day, even in the middle of the night when you wake up to use the restroom. You will determine what to eat for lunch based on what the scale says before you eat.

You have a fear of gaining weight, but this fear is a result of all the dieting you have done. It is the dieting that triggers overeating which triggers weight gain. Give up dieting and learn to re-trust your body and you will feel more free around food, without the fear of gaining weight.

4.      Irritability and Moodiness

Are you constantly irritable? Does your boyfriend, spouse, partner or mom tell you that you are always moody?

Dieting is stressful to your physical and psychological well-being. Diets put your body in a semi-starved state which results in a deficiency of essential nutrients for good physical and mental health.

5.     Lethargy

Your energy levels are low. You are not providing your body with the fuel it needs to perform and function on a daily basis. Your overall total caloric intake is low, and your meals are not well-balanced. You believe eating less will help you lose more, when in reality you need to eat more to lose more.

6.    Binge Eating

You’ve begun to binge eat. This has taken you by surprise. However, this is a common side effect of yo-yo dieting. You want to be thin so you go on a diet. You can only “follow” your diet for a certain amount of time until the cravings hit.

These cravings come from deprivation and restriction. You begin to overeat, then the guilt creeps in and becomes stronger and stronger as the overeating turns into binge eating day after day.

How many of these dieting side effects have you experienced? If you resonate with even one of the above, it’s time to get help to break free of the pain of dieting. Click here to learn how.

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