6 Weight Loss Trends You Should Avoid

6 Weight Loss Trends You Should Avoid

Summer is already  halfway over and we have forgotten to hold true to our new years resolution of getting our banging beach body earlier this year. Time is short and we need to lose weight – NOW. The need of “now” means we’re primed and ready to accept any weight loss trend that will get us our beach body in double time. Sometimes we may be open to some extreme measures that aren’t worth the risk.

Make sure you’re avoiding any risks with your body and avoid these 6 weight loss trends:

1. “Fad” meal replacements.


You know the ones: The pills that give you everything you need. The meal replacement powders that you solely rely on for all your nutrition of the day. They are re a multi-million marketing machine product that won’t go away. You should avoid them, because eating is fun! You can get everything you need – and more! – from good whole foods at a fraction of the price. You can sustain whole food eating for the rest of your life.

Avoid spending a short time being miserable eating pills and powders. Love eating bright colourful and vibrant foods for the rest of your life.

2. “Light weight” workouts.

If your aim is to tone-up those muscles, the light weights are the long road to a short destination. Our bodies are great machines that love to work and we can do it justice by way of lifting heavier weights. If you have a backpack or a handbag that has EVERYTHING you need in it, chances are it’s going to be heavier than 5 pounds and you’ll be lifting it up and putting it back down again many times a day.

If you want to lose weight, lose the light weights and lift something a little heavier that will have you sweating and burning more fat.

3. Avoiding carbs.

This is a trend that will never go quiet. Of course if you get rid of a vital macronutrient you’ll lose weight. And when you reintroduce it back in, it’s more than likely you’ll gain that weight back on again. The problem with avoiding carbs is our body needs it. Glycogen is the main form of energy storage in the body and is especially important for all functions – especially in the brain.

Carbs – like fats aren’t the enemy. It’s better to manage your food intake, including carbs, for weight loss than to axe them out completely.

6 Weight Loss Trends You Should Avoid

4. Relying on what the scale tells you

If you have one at home, it could potentially give you nightmares as it sits and waits for you in your bathroom. Keeping track of progress is important! But if you’re only relying on a weight scale for weight loss, it will be endless frustration. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle are the same weight, but fat takes up to four times more space than super dense muscle tissue.

If you’re working out and you’re body’s being better, fitter, and livelier, it is likely it is getting a bit leaner too! – this is a good thing! You’re shedding fat whilst shaping your body. But your scales can’t tell you that.

Scales can’t tell the difference between fat loss and lean muscle gain. Sure it helps to see overall where your progress is going, but don’t rely on it solely.

5. Jumping on the latest diet craze

If there is one trend that makes us fall short of weight loss, it is jumping on the latest diet craze. Whether you are not eating for a day, or eliminating an entire food group forever (excluding genuine requirements as laid out by a dietitian), or cleansing your body with this kind of alkaline method or that kind of purifying method, the excitement of something new and shiny will have you jumping ship before a celebrity diet even has a chance. That’s assuming it is sustainable whilst living a normal happy life.

Be persistent with your diet to avoid falling into the weight loss trap of fad diet jumping. Give your body a chance to adapt.

6. Fat Burners

They are always around under different names. It is such a seductive concept to take a pill that will do all the hard work for you. Burning fat all hours through the day and more so when you workout. Some of them are nothing more than a placebo and you would get more out of eating some cayenne chills. Others may well work but we don’t know what is in them, how they work, and side effects.

If you find yourself having hot flushes and feel like your heart is going to finish a marathon before you have even thought about starting one, fat burners for weight loss is not a good idea.