A comprehensive weight loss food plan for long-term results

A comprehensive weight loss food plan for long-term results

The clue is in the title! PLAN!

This is a comprehensive weight loss PLAN!

The only way to succeed? PLAN to succeed!


There is another clue in the title? LONG-TERM!

LONG-TERM weight loss requires a much more intelligent approach.

Yes! You can get results by slashing your calories and hitting the gym like a mad thing for a few weeks.

Yes! You may quickly lose weight this way.

However, anyone who has tried this approach will tell you it doesn’t last. It’s miserable, it’s exhausting and the weight lost rebounds back along with a little more and along with it a dent in your confidence and self-esteem amour!

PLUS! After each failed attempt your fat burning metabolism is switched down a notch making weight loss even harder to achieve!

So lecture over, let’s get to the crux of this comprehensive weight loss food plan that will give you long-term results:

Why is it different to a diet?

A long-term weight loss plan doesn’t focus on just calories, rather it will focus on hormonal balance, nourishment and taste. Feed your body and mind the nutrition and healthy thoughts it needs and it won’t fight you with cravings, fatigue and hunger.

If you deny your body what it needs you will trigger fat storing hormones! The opposite of what we want to achieve.

No longer will you be approaching this plan as a diet or through the eyes of a dieter.

Instead we will adopt the same mindset as an athlete and approach it in the same way an athlete would. They see it as a way of life that allows them to be the best they can be and perform optimally.

To succeed at this comprehensive weight loss food plan for long term-results you will have to forget about diets.

Instead we will focus on planning and creating clean and fresh foods that will keep us feeling incredible. In fact you won’t even feel like you are on a diet.

*Please note that during the initial stages of weight loss there generally has to be a more rigid and strict approach to get weight loss started.

Once you reach your goal weight you can relax a little but this is where you will to be extra vigilant. Starting a strict regime and returning to old eating habits will ensure any weight lost will be regained and sometimes more!

So with this in mind you will need to practice daily with the plan and be open to adjusting as you go. Your feed back will present itself in hunger, energy, cravings and of course results. You will need to regularly monitor yourself and make fine tuned adjustments along the way.

‘If you think it’s going to be a struggle then it will feel like a struggle. Try to look at it as a journey and an adventure’ – Jill

Step 1:

Don’t expect perfection. Instead expect progress and enjoy this journey. You won’t get it right everyday and you won’t get results everyday. But consistent practice over long-term with a flexible mindset that allows adjustment along the way will ensure a long-term result.

Step 2:

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. It doesn’t matter whether you weigh yourself, measure yourself or use your most snug fitting outfit to measure progress.

Use whatever method suits you best and take a record TODAY.  It’s important not to become obsessed with quick weight loss so set aside a date of no less than 4 weeks.

Put the review dates clearly in your diary and plan a reward for your progress (not food or drink related!). Remember this is a long-term weight loss plan.

Step 3

Keep it simple and easy to do. Don’t over complicate. If you don’t enjoy cooking then use recipes or foods that require minimal cooking. If you have a family then delegate some of the cooking or shopping to them. If you work full time then cook in advance.

Write your food plan for every week. Plan all your recipes right down to the exact ingredients and quantities. If you need some inspiration there is a plan below.

Experiment with all the flavours and foods you like. Set out with simple recipes you love and as you get into the habit of planning you can experiment more.

If you enjoy it your brain will be more likely to stick with it. As humans we are programmed to do things that give us pleasure. If you attempt to start a lifestyle you don’t enjoy you won’t stick at it long term.

Step 4

Go shopping or order on-line. DO NOT shop when hungry. Get all the staples in stock and then top up as often as you need to with the fresh produce. Don’t be afraid to buy frozen or tinned foods. To make this sustainable you need to make it enjoyable and practical.

Step 5

Batch cook/prepare as much of it as you can. EVERY time you cook, cook extra and save. There will be days and nights where your willpower will be non existent.

Your decision making muscle will be tired and so having portions of food ready prepared will help you avoid succumbing to quick and easy processed foods.

Step 6

Factor in treats! Don’t completely deny yourself what you love. If you want an occasional glass of wine or bar of your favourite chocolate then make room for it.

An example would be when eating out skip the starchy carbohydrates and/or pudding to allow for it. Factor in a cheat meal with your partner one night a week for example so you don’t feel restricted or denied.

Remember for this to be long-term you have to find a way that enables you to enjoy your life as well as maintain a healthy body weight.

Your comprehensive weight loss plan for long-term results

Suggested Menu:

A comprehensive weight loss food plan for long-term results

Sample Day 1

Sample Day 2

Sample Day 3

Breakfast 3 egg vegetable omelet Chia seed porridge with berries Boiled eggs with asparagus dippy soldiers
Lunch Grilled chicken and avocado salad Left over turkey chili in lettuce wraps with avocado Homemade soup and a slice of rye bread
Dinner Turkey chili con carne with cauliflower rice Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables and courgetti Lean grass fed beef burgers with salad and homemade sweet potato wedges
Snacks Plain Greek yoghurt and fresh berries Plain unsalted nuts and 2 squares of dark chocolate Nut butter and sliced apple or pear
Drink options Organic coffee, green tea, fresh lemon in water, plain water, herbal teas Organic coffee, green tea, fresh lemon in water, plain water, herbal teas, small glass of red wine Organic coffee, green tea, fresh lemon in water, plain water, herbal teas, gin & slimline tonic

Shopping list:

Lean chicken breasts, lean minced beef and minced turkey, salmon fillets
Greek yogurt
Mixed salad of onions, tomatoes, leaves, cucumber, peppers etc
Cauliflower (for rice)
Sweet potatoes
Soup vegetables, lentils and stock
Courgettes (to spirilise or slice for courgetti)
Chia seeds
Dark chocolate
Nut butter
Rye bread
Green tea, organic coffee


•Focus on making sure it’s enjoyable and manageable so you can form long-term habits
•Aim to balance hormones by removing beige, sugary foods that are low fibre such as bread, pasta, pastry and sugar as these tend to spike fat storing hormones.
•Eat adequate protein and high fibre foods that balance blood sugars and keep you full as well as encouraging fat burning hormones.
•Include as much nutrient dense (real) food as you can to remain energised and to satisfy your appetite.
•Keep stress and sleep in check otherwise they can impede weight loss and motivation levels.
•Choose exercise you enjoy so you are persistent and consistent with it.
•Surround yourself with like minded people to support your efforts and inspire you to create new lasting habits.

If you are at any point no longer enjoying or sticking to the plan then STOP! Go back to the plan and adjust to make sure you adopt the habits and skills necessary to see the benefits of this comprehensive long-term weight loss plan.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller