A flat belly diet menu to adopt this spring

A flat belly diet menu to adopt this spring

A flat belly diet menu to adopt this spring

Diets on the market are endless and there is no one solution that works for everyone. Always know that when it comes to weight loss, but most importantly your health, you ultimately have to find what works best for you!

Regardless of our unique and all so lovely bodies, we have one thing in common. If our body doesn’t agree with something it will surely show us by bloating up like a balloon…around our tummy! Yikes!

If you notice tension around your waistline then you know something did not digest properly. A few strategies to prevent bloating and ensuring a tight waistline include a few options, depending on where you are now.


The main diet that I stick to regularly is free from gluten and refined sugar (including brown sugar, organic cane sugar, white sugar, etc.). The reason being is that I am sensitive to both sugar and gluten.

I noticed that when I first went off of sugar and the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley (aka gluten), that my skin became clearer, my sinus infections diminished, and my stomach became flatter. If you have ever tried this kind of living I highly suggest it.

If you are already gluten-free there are more options for having a flat belly.

Paleo diets have received a lot of attention especially amongst the CrossFit community.

The paleo diet is essentially free from grains, legumes, soy, corn, sugar, and salt (it is mostly comprised of protein and veggies). The Whole 30 is a similar diet becoming quite popular. These can be a little intense for some people so if this means you read on…

The GUT and Psychology Syndrome, also known and the GAPS diet is mostly comprised of meat, fish, eggs, fermented dairy and vegetables (some well-cooked, some fermented and some raw).

There are many soups involved – this is to literally heal the gut. They also recommend the use of probiotics and other supplements.

If you are vegan or vegetarian then steamed veggies with soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds and grains such as buckwheat groats, quinoa, millet, or amaranth may be a good choice. Cold rice (like sushi) has also been known to work well for the tummy, same with tiger nuts, coconut flour, and plantains.

A flat belly diet menu to adopt this spring

Another interesting trend has been the use of intermittent fasting throughout the day. One diet is called the 5:2 intermittent fasting – you eat normally 5 days per week and fast for 2 days out of the week – ¼ of the normal amount of calories (this is usually around 500-600 calories).

Some health experts recommend something similar to this, such as skipping breakfast a couple of days out of the week or spanning out food intake to about 8 hours apart. Another trick is to have a light snack instead of a full meal at nighttime. This generally gives quick results.

Seaweed wraps and colon hydrotherapy are other options. The objective with both is to remove toxins built up in the body.

As with any weight loss recommendation it is important to get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly (mixing up your workout routine so your body doesn’t get used to it), and de-stress on a regular basis (whether through meditation, yoga, or general relaxation).

Another thing, always consult your doctor first.