A great slow carb diet plan for food lovers

A great slow carb diet plan for food lovers

What is a slow carb diet?

Refined carbohydrates and those that release energy quickly are great for when you are training, racing or need a quick burst of energy, but if you want to control your blood sugar, and weight, then you need to focus on eating slow energy releasing carbohydrates, known as low glycemic index (GI) foods.

The Slow Carb Diet focuses on eating foods with a low GI, eliminating foods that contain lots of starch or lots of sugar (including fruit and artificial sweeteners), which are normally classed as high GI.


Although we need sugar to give us energy, present day diets tend to include high amounts of bread, pasta, and processed foods that are high in sugar (even those you don’t suspect have sugar in them, such as soups or sauces), and if the sugar is not burned off by exercise then it will eventually turn to fat – the body can only store a limited amount of sugar for future use (known as glycogen).

Low GI foods which cause your blood sugar levels to rise and fall slowly may also help you feel fuller for longer – this may help to control your appetite and may be useful if you’re trying to lose weight.

So what can you eat?

The best diets are those you can maintain for life, not just for a short space of time, so finding a diet that enables you to eat in a healthy way, with a variety of foods to supply all the nutrients you need is important.

Eating healthily for 6 days, avoiding the foods listed below can be very easy. For one day a week you are allowed to eat whatever you like, but don’t use this day to binge out, instead choose foods that will maintain your new healthy regime but just allow yourself a treat.

Cooking from scratch will ensure you are eating fresh, nutritious foods and this helps you to control the balance of your diet. Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Foods that are not allowed on the slow carb diet include: all dairy except cottage cheese, refined soy products, fruit, potatoes or starchy vegetables (parsnips and butternut would be OK in small amounts), bread, rice, grains, and sauces and dressing that contain sugar (this will include most shop-bought sauces and dressings).

For a definitive list of foods that can be eaten on the diet, go to –http://www.findingmyfitness.com/2013/09/fairly-exhaustive-slow-carb-food-list/

A great slow carb diet plan for food lovers

Slow carb diet plan

There are a few rules with the Slow Carb Diet Plan if weight loss is your aim:

– Avoid white carbohydrates
– Avoid fruit, dairy, sugar and alcohol
– Eat a protein rich meal within 30 minutes of waking up
– Eat as much of these foods as you like – eggs, chicken, grass-fed beef or pork, spinach, asparagus, peas, lentils black beans
– Eat whatever you like one day a week

A typical day

Sticking to a diet and getting used to a new way of eating is so much easier if you plan ahead – get organised so you don’t fall back into bad habits. Being a food lover means you enjoy cooking, so this is a great excuse for you to explore new foods, cook new ingredients and experiment with new recipes.

A few suggestions for meals throughout the day 


– Asparagus omelette
– Scrambled eggs with bacon
– Spanish Tortilla made with mixed frozen veg and chicken


– Chicken and lentil soup
– Salmon and asparagus salad
– Steak with onions and spinach
– Thai stir-fry with mixed veg and strips of beef
– Five bean salad with cold meats


– Tuna steak with steamed courgettes and watercress
– Homemade turkey burgers with Asian cucumber salad
– Grilled Mackerel with roasted peppers
– Chicken Chilli
– Pork tenderloin stuffed with spicy beans

And a few tips to help you achieve success:
– Plan ahead.
– Go food shopping with your ‘allowed foods’ list.
– Make your ‘one day a week of eating anything you like’ a weekend day –much easier to be sociable, but don’t go crazy!