Adopting a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle

Adopting a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle

Adopting a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle

Improving your overall health and wellness isn’t just exercising and eating right. You have to be in the right mindset to succeed in your journey.

As we are all unique, beginning a mind-body fitness lifestyle can look different to each individual.

What is a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle?


In the 90s IDEA Health & Fitness Association defined Mind-Body exercise as “physical exercise executed with a profoundly inwardly directed focus.”

Their committee identified that any type of Mind-Body style of exercise possessed one or more of the following qualities:

– Inner mental focus

– Concentration on muscular movement

– Synchronizing movements with breathing patterns

– Attention to form and alignment

– A belief in a “life energy” such as chi

* taken from What is Mind-Body Exercise?

Jess Janda of Whole Health Simplified  says in a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle you would need to do things such as eat clean, perform HIIT training exercises, have proper whole food live enzyme based supplementation to fill any nutritional gaps, reduce chemical exposure in your home and personal care products, and meditate.

For Kalia Rose of Healthy Helper Blog, a Mind-Body Fitness lifestyle means maintaining her physical and mental health simultaneously. It’s listening to her body and giving it rest, but also pushing it and challenging it some days.

It means eating for fuel and proper nourishment, but also eating for pleasure. It’s Kalia’s attempt to find  balance in her life so it’s an on-going journey.

Adopting a Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle

Adopting My Mind-Body Fitness Lifestyle

My journey began differently than most others since it was a result of participating in a diabetes prevention study- not a medical condition, scare, or how I was raised.

I jumped in with no expectations of how much weight I’d lose. I kept my mind open to whatever came out of my participation in the study.

As a component of the study I started my journey working on nutrition and portion control with Weight Watchers.

Because I tried to keep an open mind, the mindset I held my whole life against healthy eating (i.e. all but a few vegetables were poison) completely changed.

Reading the material and listening to others in the meetings it was like a switch had been flipped. I desired to eat more fruits and vegetables (committed to one-a-day with any extras as a bonus).

I sought out exercise, which was also the complete opposite of my previous self.

About five months into my journey another switch was flipped. I realized it is my passion, my purpose for living is to help others on their journeys to improve their overall health and wellness.

A huge internal sigh of relief came over me, freeing other areas of my mind, just to know why I am here.

The snowball effect of keeping an open mind throughout my journey has led me to lose 110 lbs, discover my purpose, and explore new (to me) vegetables. I’ve been at goal since the beginning of the year.

I shifted my concentration from weight loss to maintenance. All the personal development (aka mind work) continues to develop my mindset to achieve the Mind-Body Fitness lifestyle that suits me.

I’m working towards shifting from a job that drains my body and mind to fulfilling my purpose through wellness coaching.

The Mind-Body Connection

As demonstrated above there is a deep connection between your body and your mind. Your emotions can have a physical effect upon your body. Remember how you felt after the last stressful experience you had?

Your blood pressure was elevated. You had a headache. Any number of physical symptoms could have manifested from your emotional state at the time.

You can’t have a healthy body without also having a healthy mind. It’s crucial to keep both as healthy as possible.

A healthy mind gives you the power to conquer a healthy body!