Calorie Cutting and Weight Loss

Calorie Cutting and Weight Loss

It seems quite simple. When someone wants to lose weight, it should simply be a matter of consuming less food. Cutting calories, do more exercise, burn more calories, and it should all add up to weight loss, right?

Well, not necessarily…

Is weight loss about calorie cutting?

Most people mistakenly assume that to get in shape, the first thing they have to cut is their calorie intake. If you do not know better there is an understandable logic in that. However, that’s the first big mistake!

To stimulate fat loss, before cutting calories, the correct bio-environment needs to be created and maintained. That means getting the foundation principles right, each day, every day.  If you ignore these foundation principles of a great nutrition plan or skip any one of them, you will fail.  It’s as simple as that.


Get the foundations right and the results will follow.

You will not have success from cutting calories if you don’t know how many meals you should consume each day or if you don’t know how to construct these meals correctly.

When you follow Metabolic Precision to the letter, you are monitoring calories and nutritional intake in a much more relevant sense than simply crunching the numbers.

It is a much more simplistic and straightforward process with Metabolic Precision. You will know exactly what to eat and at the right time. You will be consuming wholesome, nutritious foods (nutrient dense, calories-sparse choices) for over 90% of the time, which makes it extremely difficult to consume excess calories that will work against your fat loss efforts.

Calorie Cutting and Weight Loss

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The right path to rapid, permanent fat loss is not cutting calories, it’s making better choices. 

Like in so many aspects of life, consistently making better choices at the right time is what will make a true and lasting difference.  There is no need to cut calories when following Metabolic Precision. In fact there is not even a need to count calories when following Metabolic Precision. And that should be music to many ears!

Follow Metabolic Precision to the letter, it is a science based, step-by-step guide on how to achieve the health, fitness and body shape you have always wanted but never thought might be attainable.

Metabolic Precision online coaching is the ONLY online science based research proven nutrition program available anywhere in the world. Clear and concise guidelines, no half-baked theories.  This program has the ability to help you melt fat away from your body.

Metabolic Precision online coaching covers the MP format normally delivered face-to-face.  It’s very comprehensive, highly interactive, yet easy to follow and value packed full of exclusive tutorials, videos and materials.

You can and will achieve your weight loss goals in proven, effective and lasting ways, and you need not trouble yourself with number crunching or calorie paranoia and cutting. 

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