Celebrity Chef Pete Evans on The Paleo Way

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans on The Paleo Way

Welcome to The Paleo Way

Over the last three years I’ve been on an incredible journey into finding my own Paleo way. I’ve embraced a lifestyle that has seen me drop weight, gain energy and come to the happy realisation that, at 40 years old, I’m in the best physical and mental shape of my life.

At times it has been a spiritual journey and as I connect with more and more like-minded individuals around the globe, I’m becoming increasingly passionate about sharing my knowledge of the overwhelming benefits adopting a Paleolithic life can bring. In short, I’m encouraging as many people as I can to join our tribe!

You see, I choose to consume a diet of nutrient-dense foods similar to what our Paleolithic ancestors ate and modern-day hunter gatherer tribes continue to eat today – a straightforward diet of vegetables, roots, nuts, seeds and meats. And embracing this way of life has seen me completely change my relationship and approach to what I eat.

I spent over two decades as an uneducated chef, who loved great flavours and fresh ingredients, but didn’t quite understand what food did to my body. I merely wanted it to taste good! Now taste isn’t enough. After studying at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and becoming a health coach, I’m more aware than ever that we are what we eat.

I’ve cooked over a million meals in my 25-year career as a professional chef and restaurateur and reckon I’m qualified enough to help others unlock the secret to how easy it is to eat healthily everyday.

And I’m now determined to combine my knowledge and passion to empower people to take control of their own health and wellbeing by creating simple, paleo recipes.

As my mentor Nora Gedgaudas – author of Primal Body, Primal Mind and keynote speaker on our recent The Paleo Way tour – has shown me, it’s all about making the right food choices.

An increasing body of scientific research is showing:

…that a Palaeolithic diet – in which modern-day humans select similar nutrient-dense foods that were consumed by our distant hunter gatherer ancestors – provides the optimal fuel needed to help keep us on-track physically and mentally, as well as boosting immunity and energy levels and discouraging the onset of serious disease.

Indeed, more people around the world are, like us, discovering new ways to eat for total health and a longer life, just as Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine – who encouraged people to look to the pantry to cure their ailments before reaching for medicines – advised 2500 years ago.

Ultimately, following a paleo diet is a down-to-earth way to eat simply for the good of our bodies and the environment. As a surfer, I’m compelled to want to protect the ocean I love and that my soul gets so much from and, as a dad, I want to ensure I’m in optimal physical and emotional health in order to live a long, fruitful and fun existence.

I know some people think a paleo diet seems daunting, especially because we’ve been conditioned by big multinational corporations, driven by profit and the forces of capitalism, to believe that we have to eat certain “essential” food groups. But we don’t and once you embark on a paleo lifestyle, it becomes easy to make the best choices you can at each and every meal.

There are many versions of the Paleo diet being promoted but I’m living and encouraging an advanced form of Paleo that’s basically the most natural diet as followed by our ancient ancestors. It is about applying principles from the best nutritional research from the Palaeolithic period with our knowledge of what foods drive optimal physical and emotional health. At its essence, I want to inspire people to ditch high-processed, refined-sugar products from their diets and get back in touch with where their food comes from.

Celebrity Chef Pete Evans on The Paleo Way

The advanced paleo diet we share in The Paleo Way focuses on encouraging the consumption of as many simple, seasonal vegetables, nuts and seeds, free-range eggs, organic, grass-fed meat, pasture-raised poultry and pork, wild-caught seafood, wild game and some fruits as possible.

We also advocate eating organ meat, especially bone marrow, and I encourage everyone to create their own yummy bone broths, which make a great base for simple soups and stews. Nic and I also eat fermented vegetables with most meals because it packs a flavour punch as a side and promotes lots of healthy lactic acid.

The Paleo Way factors

The Paleo Way also factors in challenges our ancestors would never have faced, such as the invention of agriculture, the change in the grain strains and the damaging impact of trans-fats and highly heated polyunsaturated oils. All these things have grave implications for our health and longevity.

I encourage people to focus on making good food choices and to think about how you can use your consumer power wisely. I urge you to purchase products from local producers who follow ethical, free-range farming practices that benefit not only our minds and bodies, but also the health of our planet.

Basically, I enjoy a tasty diet of 100% grass-fed meat and organ meats, wild-caught seafood, nuts, seeds, some seasonal fruits and lots of brain-powering leafy greens.

I avoid grains, legumes, conventional dairy products, non-organic produce, and genetically modified and processed foods – mainly because they don’t make me feel good!

Plus it’s amazing how creative you can be with fresh ingredients and that’s what I love so much about food. Be on the look for a few of my favourite recipes to inspire your Paleo palette in the coming weeks, right here on WatchFit.

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