Cinnamon and honey benefits you’ve been ignoring, but shouldn’t

Cinnamon and honey benefits you’ve been ignoring, but shouldn’t

Cinnamon and honey have long been ingredients added to your daily cup of cappuccino or tea to amp up the flavors. However, there are benefits beyond flavor that can help boost your health. Who knew tiny crimson morsels of a spice and a thick golden substance produced by bees could have such potential?

Cinnamon and Honey Benefits

The power of cinnamon


1. Antioxidant Boost:

For starters, cinnamon contains large amounts of antioxidants which are quite important for protecting cells from damage. In your body, molecules called free radicals roam continuously. These molecules can be a result of normal bodily processes, such as metabolism, and can even be created due to environmental factors like strong rays from the sun.

Free radicals attach themselves to healthy cells, damaging their structure and DNA. If the destruction becomes too large, this can promote the development of cancer cells.

So, where do antioxidants come in to save the day? Antioxidants are responsible for picking up and getting rid of these free radicals, preventing any cellular damage. Antioxidants also have great anti-inflammatory abilities, protecting cells from damage. Luckily, simply putting a teaspoon of cinnamon in your morning oatmeal can give you an antioxidant boost! Follow this link to find out more information about antioxidants and their health benefits

2. Heart Health:

Another great benefit of this maroon spice is its ability to aid heart health. One study tested cinnamon’s ability to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Participants were given this spice daily and after a short period of time, they experienced a noticeable decrease in triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Even those who had less than one tablespoon reaped the benefits of cinnamon. Adding a dash of cinnamon to your foods promotes a healthy heart and can even help if you are struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol! Try it on sweet potatoes or carrots to enhance flavors and create a sweeter kick. Find full list of healthy benefits of cinnamon

3. Insulin Sensitivity:

Cinnamon has been found to increase the body’s ability to become more reactive to glucose, which may benefit individuals with insulin resistance from diseases such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Within your body, the hormone insulin is responsible for taking glucose from the blood and transporting it into your cells where it is used for energy. Research shows that through consumption of cinnamon, insulin can become more efficient, moving more glucose from the blood into your cells.

This means that if cinnamon has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity, it may also be capable of lowering blood sugar levels. Give cinnamon a try on apples. Simply shake a small amount over apple slices for an “apple pie inspired” flavor.

Cinnamon and honey benefits you’ve been ignoring, but shouldn’t

Honey for your health

You’ll likely find a number of health benefits of honey touted on the internet yet many are still unproven. What we do know is that one of the best uses of honey is to soothe sore throats. There is nothing worse than a sore throat.

The aching pain and consistent coughing constantly reminds you throughout the day that your body is ill (as if you didn’t know that already). Fortunately, honey can actually help calm your throat. Its smooth texture and thickness coats the throat reducing pain while its soothing characteristics decreases coughing fits.

This is especially handy for all you parents reading this! A study was carried out to see the effects of honey on children with sore throats and common respiratory infections.

Children given the honey experienced a more relaxed sleep and less coughing episodes compared to children who weren’t given honey before bed. This explains why parents often douse their children’s tea with honey when they are sick, and it works great for adults too!

Developing Research on Honey:

A benefit you may read about is that honey may play a role in improving immediate memory. Future research may provide more information on this but for now, we know that one study did observe that when women consumed tualang honey daily, they had improved immediate memory at the end of the trial compared to the start of the trial.

At the moment, there is limited insight explaining the connection, but it is possibly due to honey’s anti-inflammatory properties. Although we cannot make the recommendation that honey will improve your memory, it is another potential benefit.

Honey can be enjoyed by drizzling a bit into low-fat plain Greek yogurt for enhanced flavor.

Another idea is to toss almonds with some honey and baking them to add a bit of sweetness to this protein-packed snack. 3 As you can tell, honey and cinnamon shouldn’t just be used as toppings for your fancy drinks at the coffee lounge.

Their chemical characteristics can help promote your body functions and may play a role in creating a healthier life. So why not take advantage of the little things Mother Nature has provided us?

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