Clean eating diet foods list

Clean eating diet foods list

Everyone has heard  the expression ‘clean eating‘,  but what is it all about? Clean eating is not  another  diet . It is not about calorie-counting. It is a lifestyle. It is a balanced and healthy way to eat.  It is all about eating foods in their fresh and natural state. Basically if the food is found naturally in the world, then it is clean enough to be eaten.

Here are 4 ultimate clean foods and its fat burning benefits

1) Coconut oil

An edible oil extracted from the meat or kernel of matured coconuts. It is a healthy fat with numerous health benefits. Studies have now shown that it is one of the healthiest oils, especially for cooking, because it is very stable even at high temperature.

Several studies also show that coconut oil can boost your metabolism and reduce  your appetite, which should help you lose fat over the long term.

It contains  medium chain fatty acids ((MCFAs) that are easily digested. They go directly to your liver, where they are used as a quick source of energy and help stimulate your body’s metabolism rather than being stored as fat or they are converted to Ketone bodies. Ketone bodies has been shown to  have an appetite reducing effect.  It is the MCFAs in coconut oil that makes it different from other fats.

To enjoy the vast health benefits of coconut oil,  make sure you choose organic, virgin coconut oil and not the REFINED one.

How to incorporate coconut oil into your menu:

a) Use it in all your cooking, including baking and stir-fry.

b) Use it as a diary-free replacement to butter.

c)  Add it to your hot drinks such as tea, coffee or soup. The coconut oil melts and gives it a creamy taste.

d) Add it to smoothies. To prevent the coconut oil from clumping together, gently melt your coconut oil and slowly pour into your smoothie

2) Avocado

A pear-shaped fruit, rich in monounsaturated fats – a healthy fat that is easily burned for energy.  It is also rich in fibre which can keep you full for longer. Research shows that eating half of an avocado can keep you satisfied for longer preventing the need to  snack, which means there’s more potential to burn fat.

Studies also suggests that the good fat in avocado helps your body regulate its blood sugar keeping it stable. Your blood sugar determines whether you burn fat or store it. High blood sugar causes the secretion of insulin, which is a fat storing hormone and a stable blood sugar helps to keep insulin level low so your body is not storing fat.

Avocado is also rich in  B vitamins, vitamins K and E essential for optimal health.

Clean eating diet foods list

How to incorporate avocado into your menu:

a) Eat it right out of the peel on its own or  add a little bit of seasoning for extra flavour as a snack.

b) Add some avocado slices to your green salad.

c) Add it to your smoothie for some extra creaminess.

3) Promegranate

Is regarded as a super fruit rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps to keep free radicals under control. It has healthy amounts of fibre which can keep you satisfied for longer, so you are less tempted to snack, helping with fat loss. Recent research shows that eating pomegranate creates a sensation of being full . It suggested that the powerful polyphenols it contains may act as an appetite suppressant.

How to incorporate promegranate into your menu:

a) Add the seed to salad for extra colour and taste.

b) Eat it by itself as an afternoon snack or as a treat

c) Sprinkle seed on oats or in natural yogurt for extra taste and fibre.

4) Wild Salmon

Is a rich source of  lean protein which can keep you satisfied for much longer, preventing you from overeating between meals. Protein takes longer to digest,  so when you include wild salmon in your diet,  your digestion is slowed down helping to keep your blood sugar balanced. A balanced blood sugar will slow down the secretion of insulin which prevents fat from being stored because insulin is a fat storing hormone.

It is also a rich source on omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA). Studies show that the omega-3 fats in wild salmon contributes to modulating insulin sensitivity which can help with weight loss. Insulin sensitivity promotes fat burning.

How to incorporate wild salmon into your menu

Wild salmon can be steamed, baked, poached, stirfried and served with salad or steamed vegetables or stirfred vegetables for lunch or dinner.

Ensure you read the label on each food item. The fewer ingredients an item has, the less processed it is. The decision to start eating clean will keep you full, cleanse your system, help you burn fat and make you feel energetic .