Commit to Losing Weight: 8 Tips to Staying Focussed

Commit to Losing Weight: 8 Tips to Staying Focussed

Losing weight is not difficult in terms of what you have to do, nor how you have to do it.

However, the reason that so many people fail at what should be a simple process is because they cannot stay committed to it.

They start off fine, but after a few days on a diet, they “cheat” and have a biscuit, or, after a week doing a new exercise regimen they skip a workout because they are too tired.


Basically, they fall off the bandwagon once and then give up. They lack commitment.

Why can’t we stay on the bandwagon?

The reason why most people do not know how to commit to losing weight is because they only take a two-pronged approach to a three-pronged process.

They understand that their diet must change. They understand that they must exercise.

But they often miss the point on the most important aspect of weight loss – mindset.

Changing the way you approach your weight loss process from a mental standpoint is the only way to stay committed to your journey now and into the future.

Using these tips to increase your weight loss motivation will not only help you stay focused on the task at hand, but help you keep that focus and commitment for a lifetime.

1. Be flexible in your ppproach to weight loss

Life is anything but predictable and weight loss is the same way.

Stop focusing on what you “should” do and instead concentrate your efforts on what you can do at this moment in time.

There is no such thing as a perfect diet or exercise plan so stop trying to find one or be the perfect dieter or exerciser.

All you should do is try to improve, little by little, every day.

2. Don’t set a specific weight loss goal

Goals are limiting because they fail to take into account the fact that we often underestimate ourselves and our abilities.

If I set a goal to lose 20kg when I began my own weight loss journey, I would never have ended up where I am – over 50kg lighter!

3. Don’t set a specific time frame

Like goals, time frames are limiting and, ultimately, dangerous.

When you “go on a diet” for a month or six months you make the process finite.

This allows your brain to see the diet as a temporary reality rather than adapt to it as a permanent change.

This is why 96% of those who lose weight on a diet gain it all back, and more, within two years, once their diet is “over.”

4. Stress less

So many of the clients I have worked with fail at weight loss because they obsess over their ability to actually do it at all.

Stop stressing about what you can and cannot do and just do it!

Weight loss isn’t something that magically appears, you have to make it happen.

Commit to Losing Weight: 8 Tips to Staying Focussed5. Take action

There are probably two dozen things you could change now to make your life healthier – eat more veggies, drink more water, get more exercise, get any exercise at all, etc.

Stop thinking about all the things you can do and instead choose one and do it!

Don’t worry about everything else just yet. By focusing and acting on one element of a healthy lifestyle at a time you systematically make the changes you need permanent, freeing up your focus for the next hurdle.

6. Drop the “all or nothing” approach

Stop thinking that being healthy is a simple “on/off” switch that you just pull. You cannot change everything about your life at once and doing so almost guarantees that you will fail.

Why? Because by changing too much, too soon you exhaust your willpower. Like a muscle, your willpower needs to be built slowly or else you risk straining it.

7. Have fun!

If you want to make healthy living easy, you need to make it fun.You cannot stick to unpleasant and unrealistic changes that make your life miserable.

Find ways to make exercise fun, learn a few tasty and healthy recipes that you enjoy eating every day.

Drop negative adjectives and expectations when it comes to weight loss such as discomfort, depravation, and torture. It doesn’t need to be that way!

8. Plan and prepare (especially with food!)

Planning and preparation are the two key elements when it comes to long and short term weight loss success.

They are more important than willpower, especially when it comes to long-term and sustained weight loss.

Why? Because with planning and preparation you don’t need willpower.

For example, everyone gets tired and overwhelmed at the end of the work day. This is the part of the day when it is easy to make unhealthy choices such as getting take-out food, in the name of convenience. But, if you have healthy premade meals at home in the freezer it is actually easier to make the good-for-you choice!

Change your approach

Most people don’t know how to commit to losing weight because they lack the proper mindset.

Yes, you must eat healthy foods.

Yes, you must exercise every day.

However, if you do these things with the wrong mental attitude and approach, they will only offer temporary solutions.

Commitment to weight loss is all about having proper motivation and a systematic approach.

Use these tips to change the way you see weight loss now and forever and watch how easy and fun it can be to lose weight…and keep it off!

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