Detox diet plan smoothies: the ultimate 3-day cleanse

Detox diet plan smoothies: the ultimate 3-day cleanse

If  you have over indulged over Easter, then now is the time to  do  a mini detox  to  boost your digestive system, strengthen your immunity and  re-energise  for the late Spring and longer days.  Cold bugs can still linger late into spring,  especially with the weather changing from hot to cold . So, doing a detox  diet with smoothies will be a speedy way  for your body to  absorb nutrients and  help cleanse  your colon  and repopulate  healthy bacteria, which help  reduce a sluggish digestive system and boost  your  immune system.

Other  important benefits of  smoothies are it’s easier  to eat  up to 10+ fruit and vegetables, particularly  strong tasting green vegetables, which are  rich in stress busting nutrients magnesium and vitamin C. Overall, they have an alkalising effect, which is important to reduce the acid build up in the blood from diets  high in  protein, sugar and caffeine. Excess acid  can result in excess inflammation in the body, which is  a key contributory factor   for many  21st century  diseases, such as heart disease , diabetes and cancer.

You can  have a complete meal in a smoothie-including  protein, essential fats as well as a lot of  vibrant coloured fruit and vegetables,  bursting with  flavour as well as  nutrients.


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Ideally a 3-day  smoothie  detox can mainly be done over a weekend, as you may feel initially tired especially in the first 24hous.  If  not, you can  equip yourself with a  portable smoothie maker such as  the nutribullet, which comes with 3 to 4  plastic cup attachments, so you can  fill up with veg and fruit  for lunch time at work.

To make sure your complete your 3 day cleanse stress free, it is beneficial to write  a shopping list to get everything you need in one shop

Green leaves, watercress, broccoli, spinach, avocado, bag of apples, pears, celery, cucumber, fennel

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mango, papaya, organic cocoa powder, bananas, cashew/almond nut butter, flaxseed oil, lecithin granules, coconut water.

Hempseed protein powder and flaxseed oil you will need to take a trip to your local health food shop.

Day 1


Oat berry  smoothie

Half a cup of oats, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of  yoghurt, half a cup of berries and half a banana.


1 handful of watercress,  ¼  cucumber, 1 large stick of celery, half an avocado, 1 apple and 1 tsp of mint plus 300ml of water.

Snack as above


1  handful of kale, 2 large celery sticks 1 large pear, half a cup of tahini, 1 tbsp of lemon juice and a pinch of pepper plus 300ml of water.

Detox diet plan smoothies: the ultimate 3-day cleanse

Day 2 cleanse


Choco banana nut smoothie

1 tsp of cocoa, 250ml of almond milk, 1 banana,  1 tbsp on almond nut butter & 1 dap of lecithin granules.


Super  greens energiser

1 handful Spinach & rocket with 1 apple 1 x small banana, 20g of Hempseed protein powder and juice of 1 lemon with 250ml of water.

Snack – 150g soya yogurt and 1 cup of blueberries


Fennel Digester

Half a fennel, with handful of spinach, 1 x apple, 2 tablespoon of  flaxseed oil ,juice of 1 lemon, 20g hempseed protein powder with 250ml of water.

Day 3


Strawberries and  Cream

1 cupful of strawberries, 100ml of soya cream, 150g of soya yoghurt, ½  cup of soya milk


Mango  & berrie  delight

1 handful of kale, half a mango, 1 stick of celery 1 cup of raspberries, 20g hempseed protein powder and 250ml of coconut water

Snack – 150g soya yoghurt and half a mango


Tropical  surprise

1  cup of fresh pineapple, half a cup of papaya with 25o ml of coconut water, 1 tbsp of cashew nut butter and 1 tsp of grated ginger.

Drink water in between, which helps with the cleansing process and helps reduce hunger.

After the 3 days detox, carry on with a smoothie for  breakfast , soup for lunch  and  a salad with fish  for dinner to get back into  eating  and digesting whole foods.

Ideally repeat once every 3 months or when feeling tired and run down.