DIY Weight Loss Tea Recipe

DIY Weight Loss Tea Recipe

Inflammation is the cause of most illness, and yet inflammation in sunlikely to be a word that springs to mind when it comes to considering weight loss and even our health.

But the fact is inflammation is linked to everything from obesity to chronic illness and aging.

Most of us are familiar with acute inflammation, the kind we get when we twist our ankle. skin our knee or hit our finger with a hammer— the redness, pain and swelling. Not a pretty sight but this is the body’s way of healing.


This type of inflammation serves a positive purpose and is good. However when your body experiences chronic inflammation this is what contributes to weight gain and disease.

In my case, migraines plagued me several times a month. Medication did little to help and I was concerned about taking anti-inflammatory medications because of their side effects.

After doing some research I decided to change my diet. I drank ginger tea daily and added in more organic greens, healthy oils, avocados, coconut milk, ginger and turmeric to my menu planning. And it was not long before I noticed my migraines started to decrease.

I had also incorporated meditation into my day and it is now a daily practice. We also lowered the EMF’s ( electrical magnetic fields) in our home by removing cell and portable telephones, returning to a corded phone.

We removed WIFI and chose to use an Ethernet cable which not only lowered the EMF’s but gave us a better internet connection. It might all sound a bit dramatic, but it wasn’t really and……it worked!

How do we get chronic inflammation?

The sugar you eat, the unhealthy oils that are in pre packaged foods, food allergies, chronic stress, lack of exercise and hidden infections all trigger inflammation in your cells and tissues.

DIY Weight Loss Tea Recipe

If not addressed this inflammation leads to heart disease, cancer, diabetes,  headaches and weight gain.

Being fat is being inflamed.  Following an anti-inflammatory diet will help reduce inflammation, excess swelling and fluid that accumulates in your tissues.

How do you lower inflammation in your body?

– Check for food allergies & sensitivities

– Have a C-reactive protein test. This measures the degree of inflammation in your body

Stay away from sugar, trans fats & processed foods

– Incorporate more real food into your diet

– Eat anti- inflammatory foods- leafy greens, vegetables, ginger, turmeric

– Lower your stress with meditation

– Eat healthy fats- coconut oil, olive oil avocado, raw nuts & seeds, wild caught fish

– Get moving. Exercise is good!

– Hot or cold ginger tea is a great way to lower inflammation in your body and therefore aiding in weight loss.

Try this weight loss tea recipe: anti- inflammatory ginger tea

8 cups filtered water

2 inches fresh ginger

Put water in a large pot. Peel and slice ginger into 5-6 pieces. Add ginger to water and bring to a boil. Allow to boil for approx 8 minutes .

Turn off heat and let steep for 15 minutes. Pour into glass jars to store in the fridge. Add ice for iced tea or heat for warm tea.

Enjoy it!