Effective diet plan for a pear shaped body type

Effective diet plan for a pear shaped body type

“Balance the top of your body by eating a clean diet.”

Apples and pears are more than simple choices in your supermarket, they are a way of describing certain body types. A pear shaped body type has more fat around the hips and buttocks, forming a very heavy lower appearance. While the fat stored in the hips is considered subcutaneous fat, it is less dangerous than visceral fat in the abdomen.

The Pear Challenge

A person whose body is pear-shaped tends to accumulate fat in the thighs and hips. The fat cells in your hips and thighs are virtual magnets for fat. This is deposited and it is released, as you need energy. Because of this, when you eat foods high in fat, any excess fat that does not burn through physical activity, accumulates on your hips, buttocks and thighs.  I love this old saying “a moment on your lips, forever on your hips “, and is particularly true if your body is pear shaped. This bodily appearance also has a slower metabolism from someone whose body is apple-shaped, which makes it even more difficult overall to lose weight.

A healthy-fat diet

Most important to your diet is to avoid foods that are high in saturated fat. This allows you to skip the step of accumulation of fat in your hips. Instead, focus on foods that contain complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Prefer healthy fats, such as those contained in avocados and olive oil.

In this type of diet, you eat eggs and other lean proteins like fish, turkey and chicken. To remove fat diets, limit your intake of complex carbohydrates and replace them by friendly carbohydrates, which break down easily and do not form spikes in your insulin levels. This diet is effective for people with a pear shaped body, as it focuses on low fat foods .

Food for weak bones

The person whose body is pear shaped is more prone to osteoporosis and other related bone density problems. This occurs specifically in women, since the pear-shaped body creates weak estrogen. Estrogen is needed to maintain bone strength, and, when they are weak or do not release adequate quantities, bone problems can arise. Eating a diet rich in calcium, which you find in soy and some vegetables like broccoli, and avoiding sugars and fats can keep your bones strong.

Effective diet plan for a pear shaped body type

“Clean” diet

A clean diet is filled with natural foods and less processed and refined foods. This type of diet is excellent for people with pear-shaped body, and focuses on complex carbohydrates and lean proteins that have no saturated fat. Following program of a clean diet requires you to eat every two to three hours to keep the energy level high, increases your metabolism and burns fat easily. Eat foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grains, oats, turkey, chicken and lean fish on this diet to lose weight.

Diet rich in complex carbohydrates and lean meat

If you have a pear shaped body, your diet should come 50 % from complex carbohydrates that break down and metabolize quickly, like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, cereals, pasta, brown rice and fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat 25% lean protein, like chicken, fish, turkey and lean beef, and 25 % fat, such as avocados, almonds and oil. Avoid white flour and white sugar products, which can slow your metabolism and make it harder for your body to burn fat. Eat every two hours this will signal your body that food is plentiful and there is no need to store fat. The more time you spend without eating, you are telling your body to store fat, because there may not be enough food to eat. Make sure every bite is small and healthy.

Still not sure where to start? Do it with a balanced diet plan, designed by a nutritionist.