Energy Boosting Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Diet

Energy Boosting Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Diet

Energy Boosting Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Diet

An enchanting time of year, spring is a wonderful time where the earth warms up as flowers and trees start to bloom! However, for us humans, it can be a challenging time as we shed our somewhat sluggish, winter coat and move to the rhythm of spring.  Utilizing Ayurvedic principles can help with a smooth transition from winter into spring with more energy and vitality.

The Kapha Dosha principle means balancing the earth-water qualities of the body

that lubricate the joints, preserve the suppleness and strength of the muscles and protect the sensitive tissues of the lungs, stomach and sinuses so you can stop and smell the flowers without launching into a sneeze-fest.  Kapha accumulates during the winter months, making you feel sleepy, depressed, gain weight, retain water and experience foggy thinking.


The Ayurvedic principles involve adding herbs

to a lighter fare, practicing breathing techniques through yoga and meditation with dedication for a successful transformation.  Eating wholesome foods with a regular practice of asana poses like those found in yoga help vital energy move through the body more easily.  For example, chair pose helps create heat in the body, aid in digestion and elimination while improving mobility in the joints.  Breathing through all poses help to prevent excess tension in the muscles and creates space in the body.

A healthy digestive system is key for good health, according to Ayurvedic principles,

known as agni, meaning fire. It gives energy and power to the body to digest food for optimum health and vitality.  A strong digestive system prevents the body from producing ama, a heavy residue in the body that can make it difficult to absorb nutrients and slow down metabolism.  Ama is considered poison to the body and if left unchecked, can lead to heart disease, inflammation, fatigue and a weakened immune system.  A regular yoga practice helps cleanse the body and encourages a focused mind.

A healthy snack or mini-meal might include

carrot juice, hot tea made with ginger, black pepper and cinnamon or nourishing miso soup.  Chamomile tea makes for a soothing beverage before bed that calms the nervous system, and helps rid the body of excess mucus.  Instead of fasting, make a commitment to eat only fresh, preferably local produce of organic fruits and vegetables, beans and rice.  You can boost your energy with these Ayurvedic power foods and beverages that will go a long way in improving your digestive system with their nurturing and healing influence that comes from nature.

Energy Boosting Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Diet

When it comes to eating carbohydrates, not all are created equal.

Ayurvedic principles consider quinoa, rye, amaranth and millet the most nutritious whole grains because they are high in protein, fiber and minerals. They help lower cholesterol naturally, stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent harmful bacteria from sticking around in the intestines.  All of these grains have copper, an essential trace mineral that improves the immune system and boosts energy levels.

Avoid processed foods, frozen, canned and fast-food fare as they are all laden with additives, chemicals and preservatives.  All are difficult to digest and lack nutrients. Sometimes, these foods are unavoidable so drink a glass of purified water with a squeeze of fresh lime.  Add coriander, cumin, turmeric and fennel to cooked grains and vegetables for a quick energy boost.  Instead of relying on artificial ingredients and foods that will sap your energy, look for whole foods that will boost your energy levels naturally.

Savor springtime as it arrives by taking some time away from your to-do list that never seems to end, laptop or iphone.  Living in the 21st century filled with technology can overwhelm and over-stimulate the mind and body.  Commit to doing nothing for a few minutes each day, turn off the television and computer and revel in the beauty of spring.

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