Fast Way To Lose Weight: Here’s The Correct Way To Do It

Fast Way To Lose Weight: Here’s The Correct Way To Do It

Fast Way To Lose Weight: Here’s The Correct Way To Do It

I’m not going to beat round the bush. I’m going to get right down to the nuts and seeds here today. You want to lose weight fast and you are feeling overwhelmed. I get it. I wasn’t born yesterday. You are in a long list of others who want to do the exact same thing. I’m going to give you the same advice I give them.

Always keep moving forward, even if you have an occasional obstacle or setback. Those who keep getting up and moving forward after being hit are the ones who are the most successful. And that’s the case, regardless if it’s weight loss, a job or any other project. You also have to stay motivated. Keep that in mind and you will be in good shape—literally and figuratively.

I’m going to display your path below in steps so it’s easy for you to understand. Please refrain from asking any questions until the end because I need to concentrate.  Thanks!


1. Know your friends, but know your enemies better.

Yes that may sound like a riddle, but it’s true.  What I’m referring to is foods that are friends and enemies.  As you are well aware, diet is 90% of the game.  If you honor it, you will succeed; if you don’t you can be looking at a pretty tall stack of disappointment.

Be very aware that your friends are fruits, vegetables, legumes, hormone-free meats, whole grains, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. There are other amazing food to eat for you to lose weight. Your enemies are foods that contain high amounts of saturated fat, trans fat, sugar, artificial flavors-colors-sweeteners, and sugar. Memorize this when you go shopping or out to eat and you will be set up like a boss.

2.  Restrict your calories but don’t go overboard.

Yes, I know you want to lose weight fast, but you also don’t want to short circuit your metabolism.  This is exactly what will happen if you cut your intake back too far. Your body needs a certain amount of calories per day just to function.  In a clinical setting, we refer to this as your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

If you go on a really restricted diet where you’re taking in 500 calories a day, yet your actual RMR is 1,500, guess what happens? Your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism flips you the bird by slowing down.If you are interested in knowing your BMR, you might want to find out here.

In layman’s terms, you hold on to stored fat for energy because your body thinks a famine is going on. Don’t let this happen! Cut back by a reasonable amount, like 250 to 500 calories a day. Determine this by tracking your calories for five days.  Add the amounts up, divide by five and subtract by either 250 or 500.  Use this as your new daily target.

3. Think small, balanced and frequent.

This is in reference to your meals.  Keep them balanced with protein, carbs and healthy fat, eat every two and a half to three hours, and make sure you eat just enough food to cut your appetite.  Why?  Quite simply because this will keep your hunger under control and blood sugar balanced.  If your blood sugar is balanced, you will be less likely to have cravings and your insulin levels will stay in check.  Insulin is a fat-storing hormone, in case you were unaware.

4.  Skip all the beverages that contain calories.

This especially goes for alcohol!  If you are serious about losing weight fast, then pay close attention.  Calories that come from beverages are still calories, and they still make you fat.  Give them up completely and drink nothing but water.

5. Grab a set of weights.

Weight training is an absolute must for fast weight loss.  When you build muscle, you increase your metabolism even more and reach your goal even faster. You can also increase your metabolism with five proven ways. Take short rest breaks between your sets and focus on a full body, circuit-type routine where you target all of your major muscle groups.  Shoot for three workouts a week on non-consecutive days.

Fast Way To Lose Weight: Here’s The Correct Way To Do It

6. Include high-intensity interval training in your fitness plan.

This trumps long duration cardio any day of the week for fast weight loss. Start with a light warm-up, then alternate back and forth from high to low intensity in the form of intervals.  Aim for at least 20 minutes of intervals and  finish with a light cooldown.  Perform this workout three days a week on non-weight-training days.

7. Hit the sack at a reasonable hour.

Sleep is often overlooked with people trying to lose weight.  If you burn the midnight oil you likely won’t burn as many calories the next day.  This is because your hunger stimulating and suppressing hormones get out of whack and you tend to eat more than you should.  Aim for a solid 7-plus hours of sleep a night to ensure this doesn’t happen.

It’s also during sleep that your body recovers from hard workouts.  If you cheat yourself out of this restful time, you will also be cheating your body out of a beneficial recovery period. OK, now you have the ammunition you need to make a big difference with your body.  Go get it and let me know how you make out!