Fitness Secrets Every Woman Should Know – Part 1

Fitness Secrets Every Woman Should Know – Part 1

Nothing is a secret anymore

We don’t have a lack of information, the problem being in that there is too much of the sort.

In this article, I’m going to save you potentially years of searching for answers by uncovering exactly what you need to know as a woman to get in shape.


Being “toned” is not a real thing

Almost every woman I’ve coached over the years during our initial consultation has mentioned that she wants to be toned. Although there are many marketing efforts put behind the word toned, it’s not actually a scientific term.

Despite the claims of some practices like pilates or yoga (which are good practices in general), you cannot actually lengthen muscles.

Every muscle has insertion points where they are attached to your bones.

So if someone claims they can lengthen your muscles then they have also found a miraculous way to lengthen bone.

If you come to my gym and tell me you want to be toned, I do, however know what you mean – it just may not be what you think you mean.

All one has to do is lower the body fat and increase muscle mass

Sometimes it’s only lowering body fat! Once you do that, you will have a look that’s lean – this is a better word than toned.

I’m just here to let you in on the fact that there’s no special workout or program that specifically lengthens muscles or makes you toned – anyone claiming this is lying to you.

So now that we know we need to drop body fat to tone I will share the next fact with you.

Fitness Secrets Every Woman Should Know – Part 1Weight loss isn’t really 80% diet

The whole ‘losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise’ is just an arbitrary breakdown thrown around mostly by nutritionists.

The truth is you aren’t very likely at all to lose weight without a proper diet and you aren’t very likely at all to keep it off without consistent exercise or at least an active lifestyle.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m assuming that when you decide you want to lose weight you also want to keep it off, not just lose it and gain it back.

Exercise becomes a critical role in daily life

Exercise will keep your metabolism healthy and will provide a bit of wiggle room so your maintenance diet (how you eat after you reach your desired weight) doesn’t have to be too strict. After the Christmas slump, this is sure to take the pressure off a tightening waistband.

It is time to stop stressing over which is more important and feel comfortable knowing that they both are – it is a vital balance to grasp.

We now know diet and exercise are both equally important when losing weight, and for keeping your goal achievement. So I’m going to guess your next question.

What’s the best diet to stick by when you’re trying to stick it to the pounds? Stay tuned for Fitness Tips for Women Part 2.

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