Foods for Strong Gorgeous Hair

Foods for Strong Gorgeous Hair

The best food for strong hair

As a former cosmetologist, I know first hand how important it is for women and men to have a gorgeous head of hair.

Long or short, curly or straight, it is a personality statement and often can make or break your confidence. Even more important, when we have healthy hair it portrays good health.


Living underneath your flowing locks, lies the truth behind the health of your hair. Your follicles are the growth point of your hair and when fed an abundance of nutrients via your blood, you are bound to have a gorgeous head of hair.

So before you head off to grab the latest celebrity endorsed topical treatment, first try these foods for strong gorgeous hair.

Nutrients that help grow strong, gorgeous hair

Iron and zinc

Iron helps in the transport of oxygen throughout your body, including hair follicles. Zinc helps to build and repair hair. Some great sources of these nutrients are soy beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter as well as red meat.

Vitamin C

This is needed for collagen and the regeneration of hair cells. Vitamin C is also necessary for the use of many other nutrients, such as iron. Great sources of vitamin C are oranges and other citrus, as well as red bell peppers.

Vitamin D

This amazing nutrient activates hair growth and can be found in fortified foods such as milk, cheeses, cereals and naturally in portobello mushrooms.

Considering vitamin D is not found naturally many of the foods we consume, it may be best to be tested for individual levels. If your levels of vitamin D are low, adding a daily dose of 1000 IU will ensure you are getting the proper amount needed for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Foods for Strong Gorgeous Hair


A large amount of your hair is actually protein so it surely is an essential nutrient needed for healthy gorgeous hair.

Again, food is your best resource when it comes to protein so eating a variety of low fat animal sources as well as plant based sources such as tofu, beans and green leafy vegetables, will ensure you of beautiful locks.


If you are still not convinced that fat free is a diet of the past, then take a look at your hair. Is it as shiny and strong as you would like it to be?

Unhealthy intakes of fat (or lack thereof) could be to blame. Some great sources of healthy fats are avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds. Get your daily quota and you will soon see changes in your hair.


A B-vitamin that is found in eggs, biotin and other B vitamins are needed for enzymatic reactions in your body.

When such reactions as the metabolism of protein and fats, is not occurring, your hair follicles will become under nourished, causing hair loss and breakage. Other great sources of biotin are liver and soy.


This amazing nutrient is needed not only for the eyes, but the hair too. Converted to vitamin A, naturally, the body needs beta-carotene to promote and maintain healthy skin, hair nails. Thinking orange, the yummiest sources come from carrots and sweet potatoes.


As an antioxidant, it helps fight back the suns harmful rays and the free radicals that may damage hair.

It also supports healthy hair growth and with a deficiency in selenium, most likely will come slow growth and hair thinning. Some great sources of selenium to boost your hairs growth are fish, whole grains and liver.

10 foods for strong gorgeous hair

1. soybeans
2. pumpkin seeds
3. oranges
4. red bell peppers
5. portobello mushrooms
6. green leafy vegetables
7. salmon
8. avocado
9. eggs
10. sweet potatoes

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