Foods That Help You Hydrate

Foods That Help You Hydrate

Foods That Help You Hydrate

Water, h2o, aqua – however you think of it, it hydrates, quenches thirst and is vital to our wellbeing and life. No matter the species, we all NEED water!

Water, water everywhere…

The fluid of life is water. Our bodies are at least 60% water so it is no surprise that we need this essential clear fluid to help us live. And this is just the whole body average. Our brain and heart are 73% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% and even bones are 31%!


We can survive for approximately three weeks with no food (Ghandi did 21 days), but water is very different. Without water we are looking at expiring in LESS than a week!

It is a constant complaint from a lot of people who openly admit that they do not drink enough water. So many poeple know theya re not getting enough. In fact I bet some are reading this right now thinking, “huh, I cannot remember when I drank anything last…I better drink something now!”

So go ahead and take a glug!

However here are other sources than the tap or the bottle. You can get it from your food. Stats show that we get approx 20-25% of water from our food that we eat.

Here are some of the foods in which you can get the most hydration from:


Fat Free Milk







Cooked Squash


Fruit Juice






Cooked Broccoli



Boiling your food is another great way of getting some more hydration in your body. So boiling your sweet potatoes will help you to suck up some added moisture for you to give yourself a hydration hit.

Foods That Help You HydrateSo how do you know if you are not hydrated enough?

Studies have shown that if you are not hydrated enough that your physical strength can be adversely affected by up to a 5% reduction. So if you want to push heavier in the gym or run farther, then you get hydrated to improve your performance.

Lack of hydration also leads to decreased cognitive performance, possible constipation (this is because there is nothing flushing your through so food just sits and rots), headaches and dry skin. These are just a few of the signs and symptoms.

Water does a number of wonderful things for our bodies.

It acts as a lubricant, which helps with our joints. It helps to regulate our body temperature and also to flush out all of your waste products. If I were to list everything that water did for you, this blog would be the size of an encyclopaedia!

People always ask me how do you know if you are hydrated. For us the key indicator is your PEE!

There are a lot of guidelines out there that suggest that 2 litres is enough water for you. You must understand that everyone is different so for you it may be less and it may be more. The best indicator is your pee. If it isdark and very smelly…you need water! If it is a light straw colour or clear then you’re topped up.

This is a very simple guide to go by.Although these foods we have talked about give us hydration don’t use them solely as your water intake. See these as ‘super water’, because you are not just drinking plain old water with them they have been naturally injected with extra vitamins and minerals to help keep your body fit, strong and healthy.

So lets raise a glass of water and enjoy water laden foods. Cheers!

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