Get Fit for Christmas: The Little Black Dress Diet

Get Fit for Christmas: The Little Black Dress Diet

Get ready for the festive season

With the holidays just around the corner, many fashion conscious fitness fans will be thinking about looking great in the iconic fashion evergreen that is the little black dress.

A staple of every party girls wardrobe, the LBD is essential for the holiday season. Always in style and easy to accessorize, the classic line of the dress can cause a stir anywhere.


However, the clock is ticking and if you want to look good in the outfit it’s time to start thinking about getting fit for the little black dress.

Start in the kitchen: The Christmas diet

First things first, on the run up to the holidays let’s get a few basics out the way. There’s a school of thought that believes getting fit starts in the kitchen, so that’s where we will start too.

In the winter months we crave comfort food and bigger portions, so resist the temptation this year and get a head start.

What should I eat and avoid?

Look at your current diet and make some simple changes to stop bloating and bumpy tums.

1. Get off bread and pasta and see the difference it makes. Even the LBD can’t disguise a bloated tum, so get off the stodge and you will be on the way to a flatter body.

2. Experiment with super foods to get your metabolism up and running. Explore kale in your salads and blueberries in your fruit salads.

3. Start a winter detox early by drinking plenty of water, aim for 2 litres a day, and get off caffeine in the run up to December.

4. Ditch processed food and look for healthier meals.

5. It may require a little planning, but get yourself organised and prepare your breakfasts and lunches in advance. Get off breakfast cereals too. Those sugar bombs in the morning will set you on a sugar roller coaster all day, so look for better breakfast alternatives – even granola and muesli can contain a lot of sugar!

Try eggs on Ryvita style crackers, or use last nights left over vegetables to be included in a morning omelette.

WatchFit has plenty of amazing articles filled with meal ideas, all here right at your fingertips!

Exercises to do in the gym


Once you have started fine tuning your diet, look to strengthen your core by learning how to plank. The plank is a staple of all core stability training sessions so get used to practicing how to plank properly every day.

Get Fit for Christmas: The Little Black Dress Diet

Try to hold the position shown for ten seconds, then increase your time every day by a few seconds. Make sure you are holding the correct position and help flatten those tummy muscles out.

Work on the hips

Next target area is the hips, so after the plank, pick yourself up to a standing position. Start with feet together then balance on your left leg while lifting the right leg to the side in a controlled sweeping motion.

Repeat the movement twenty times then switch to the other leg.

The movement will help tighten the hips up and the balancing will improve your core.

Tone your glutes – plie

Finally, we want to tone up that booty so you look stunning in that dress from all angles. A great toner for your gluts is an exercise that ballet dancers have been doing for years – the plie.

Stand with your feet apart, just slightly wider than your shoulders, and turn your toes out the way. With your arms outstretched, lower yourself into a squat position, taking care not to over extend.

Keep your knees in line with your toes and your back straight, and tighten those glutes as you perform the move. Repeat 10 times slowly and increase your reps as you grow stronger.

So with a gentle dietary shake up and your hips,tum and bum toned and tightened, you’re ready to wow them at the Christmas night out in your sensational little black dress.

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