Getting Your Mind Right To Lose Weight

Getting Your Mind Right To Lose Weight

Getting Your Mind Right To Lose Weight

I have been helping a lot of people lose weight. My specialty is to help them realize that they can do it. And this process is very simple when I understand their desires.

I have lots of people come to see me who say they have tried many things to lose weight. Some have the notion that counting calories is the key, others exercise, some dieting and others are sure that protein shakes work.

While I’m not against of any of those, the first thing I make sure my clients understand is that none of that matters if they have not set up their mind to achieve their goal. It doesn’t matter how effective the program is if the individual is not ready to change.


You must be ready to leave your past and the bad habits that sabotage your success. You must be ready to think about the future that your weight loss success will bring you: no more medications, no more back pain, no more feeling tired, no more hiding your body in loose clothing, no more picking clothes that fit instead of the clothes you want to wear, no more worries about your health … These are only some of the benefits of losing weight healthily.

It is very easy to get motivated by other people’s results…

The mirror, your friend or your doctor, and sign up for a weight loss program. However, the most difficult part is to stay motivated, to remember why you decided to sign up, to remember that life is short and if you give up now, you’re losing time and your dream may become impossible because you could be doing the same thing over and over again – giving up.

Getting Your Mind Right To Lose Weight

I can honestly tell you that I have seen a lot more results from people who are committed and do not know anything about weight loss than those who know plenty and do nothing about it.

We set up a plan, they follow it and — boom — magic happens! They lose more weight than they expected.

But staying motivated is not enough to get results: You have to understand why you are doing everything you are doing to lose weight, to understand your motivation and desire to lose weight.

Once you understand that, everything else is secondary.

80% of your success is psychological and the other 20% is physical

Many people fail not because they stop counting calories, the diet didn’t work, life was too busy or work got in the way. They fail because they haven’t made a real commitment to lose weight and find out the reasons why they want to.

Next time that you think about a car that you want, the partner you’re looking for or the trip you’ve been dreaming about, think about how nothing will prevent you from getting it. Why? Because you really want it and have set up your mind to succeed.

Same thing applies to your health: Set up your mind, get rid of excuses, and go after it. You will see that counting calories or dieting won’t matter anymore since you’ll be following the perfect program.

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