Go Green! Reduce Your Extra Pounds

Go Green! Reduce Your Extra Pounds

Go Green! Reduce Your Extra Pounds

When a friend discloses that she or he is on a diet, what many of us think is that they are fasting, consuming only fruits or very little just to keep them going.

However, the most important thing to understand here is that dieting does simply means consuming the right foods and at the right time. As such, we all understand that there are various types of diets which most of us have neither eaten nor had the chance to see.

Dieting to lose weight

Dieting is very important when it comes to weight loss and in this case, going green could be the best option.

When you are trying to lose weight, incorporating green produce in your diet is critically important.

If you are one of those who hate green vegetables, you can always opt for green juice and you will still get similar nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C.  As a matter of fact, this kind of weight loss plan comes with a number of benefits.

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Walk instead of driving

Leading a sedentary lifestyle has been largely linked to weight gain. Thus, if you want to lose weight and maintain your healthy weight, it is advisable that you make a few walks here and there.

By just walking around, you can expend many calories without realising it and thereby significantly reduce your weight.

What you need is to combine this with a nutritious diet to guarantee you long term results.

Another important thing you will be doing by simply moving around on foot is keeping your costs low, since there will be no fuel costs and no CO2 emissions!

Go Green! Reduce Your Extra PoundsGo vegan

Feeding on a vegan diet involves keeping off eggs, dairy and all other animal products. This diet plan comes with numerous health benefits. Vegan diet has greatly been associated with rheumatoid arthritis management.

It has also been found to eliminate allergies in individuals.

As a matter of fact, keeping it vegan helps to improve the environment considering that you will no longer need water and energy to keep livestock.

More often than not, we tend to ignore these “obscured” badly utilized resources. However, the amount of water used to raise animals is more as compared to the amount one would require to water a vegetable garden.

Volunteer to help your neighbours

Yet another great way to lose weight and still improve the environment is by volunteering to help your neighbours. It doesn’t the amount of effort you give it to assist, as much as picking litter around your neighbourhood will help clean up the environment; you will definitely be using energy.

By so doing, you will be burning some fat and losing weight in return. 

In their research, the Corporation for National and Community Service indicated that people who offered to help others exhibited a higher level of functionality, greater longevity, decreased depression and above all, were less likely to suffer heart disease.

It’s a win win situation!

Sleep earlier

It has been scientifically proven that getting enough sleep can help one lose weight.

A number of studies have gone further to indicate that when one is on a diet, the hormone responsible for regulating hunger, utilization of glucose and metabolism becomes over-reactive due to lack of sufficient sleep during the night.

But how does the environment benefit from your sleep? Yes, when we are a sleep no energy is spent – thus, no lights and other energy-consuming devices are switched on.

Do your shopping locally

Find out where you can purchase your farm produce in your locality and hoard your favourite vegetables and fruits.

Go Green! Reduce Your Extra PoundsBy shopping locally, you will not only be saving on the fuel costs but you will also be getting high quality products – those that are free from waxes and other chemicals.

Going for in season products helps to save energy used on imported or greenhouse generated foods. You can also benefit from this practice if you opted to carry your purchase home without causing injuries to your body and in bags that can be re-used.

Employing human power to handle outdoor activities

You can make use of the shovel and move around checking if there is any part that needs attention instead of engaging a gas or fuel powered snowblower. More so if you opt for the solar powered mower or trim your lawn manually.

Better still, you can utilize your energy by replacing your ordinary grass with that which doesn’t need trimming or more water.

Carry along with you a packed lunch

Going to work with a pre-packed lunch can help you enhance your weight loss goals a great deal.

This is very important in the sense that you will only eat what you want to eat and the right portions. Make sure to carry the food in a re-usable container so as to maintain and improve the environment.

To be on the safe side, follow these tips for weight loss and you will be surprised at what reflects in the mirror in front of you!

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