Healthy Baking Substitutions That Don’t Compromise Taste

Healthy Baking Substitutions That Don’t Compromise Taste

Healthy Baking Substitutions That Don’t Compromise Taste

Who can resist the temptation of desserts

We look for it in the cafes, restaurants, kitchens at our home. And for such a long time, everyone who’s trying to stay healthy and change their lifestyle would completely stay away from anything sweet and just silently lick their lips while watching their friends indulging guilt free.

Take my clients as an example. They train very hard, maintaining healthy eating plan but the only thing that throws them off the waggon is something sweet.


Some of the old habits stay with us for a very long time and to get rid of them, we need a bit of time and effort.

So even the most nutritionally behaved person can sometimes give in to sweet pleasure of cake or chocolate. And there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it happens once in the while and as long you know what your dessert is made of.

Usually calories are your first worry – it should be ingredients

Look at the back of your sweets pack and read all of the ingredients. Most of the time we can’t even pronounce them. What do you think your body will do with it? It will be more shocked than your eyes while you eat it.

If your body doesn’t recognise what you’re eating, it will try to get rid of this foreign substance as soon as possible.

All your body’s energy will be forwarded towards that process.

That’s why people feel so tired and drained after eating “food substitutes”.

So, does it mean we have to stop eating sweets completely?

Of course not! We can eat what ever we like as long as it’s all natural and suits our body and lifestyle. There are many ways to go about it.

Healthy Baking Substitutions That Don’t Compromise TasteMy favourite one is to bake my own treats.

Yes, you did hear me right. It’s so much easier than you think and lots of fun. Or you can find companies that can do it for you.

Lose the weight, not the taste

Okay, let me share with you just a few of my favourite healthy baking substitutions.

When we think about baking, automatically sugar, white flour, lots of butter and other unwanted ingredients coming on our mind. They are not welcome in my kitchen at all.

Let’s take sugar first

I’m sure you know that its core of many “surprises ” in our body, some of them are visible: extra body fat, bad skin, mood swings, lack of energy, etc etc. Internal signs are more evil as we don’t see them and very often don’t even feel anything or ignoring it.

Instead of sugar I use: bananas, dates, figs, baked apples with cinnamon. It’s absolutely delicious. It will taste very different and maybe not “sweet” enough for most people as their taste buds are still being held prisoners of artificial sweeteners.

Give it few bites, maybe few weeks for some and everything will change. Then try to eat your previously favourite sweets and you won’t believe that you even enjoyed it before .

How can we substitute white flour in our baking?

Very super easy . There are so many healthy types around. For a example coconut flour, buckwheat flour, almond flour etc. Or you can add ground flax seeds or hemp seeds. They are super powerful antioxidants and will help thicken the texture of your sweet treat.

And how do we suppose to bake without any butter?

Sounds unacceptable. Let dig a bit deeper here.

Don’t be afraid to use fat in your diet or while baking. Not all fat is bad. Instead of butter or margarine (I would stay away from last one completely), I am using few things: coconut oil, cacao oil to add this chocolaty flavours, soaked and creamed nuts (especially cashes), mashed avocados, organic nut butters.

Taste is out of this world and health benefits are endless. Sounds like an great combination for me .

Now you probably wondering how can I put all of these ingredients together.

I will share with you one of my best selling desserts:

Rose water, Chocolate and Cashes Cream Brownies

They are completely organic, vegan, natural, free from: dairy, wheat, gluten, flour, butter.

Super high in: Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants , energy, good fats, fibre, protein.

They are truly a powerhouse of all the nature’s gifts. And that’s how our food should be.

Healthy Baking Substitutions That Don’t Compromise TasteYou will need: 

– 150g of soaked over night organic cashes
– 2 bananas organic
– 20 medjool dates
– Juice of 1-2 oranges
– 2 tbsp of organic rose water
– 2 tbsp of raw organic cacao powder
– Cinnamon
– Vanilla
– Nutmeg
– Pinch of pink Himalayan salt
– 1/2 tsp of gluten free baking soda
– 2 tbsp lemon juice
– 50g of organic barberries
– 50g of raisins
– coconut oil
– shredded coconut

1. Blend the organic cashes, bananas, dates, orange juice, rose water and cacao powder to a smooth mixture.

2. Add in the cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and a pinch of the pink Himalayan salt and mix well.

3. In a small bowl, mix 1/2 tsp of gluten free baking soda with 2 tbsp of lemon juice before pouring into the bowl.

4. Incorporate the barberries and raisins.

5. Mix well with spoon, pour over baking tray covered in very thin layer of coconut oil and sprinkled with shredded coconut  so mix doesn’t stick ). Bake for 45min at 170 C

6. Let it cool. Cut into pieces, sprinkle with organic coconut flour and rose petals (decoration is optional). Enjoy every bite of this super yummy, creamy and mega healthy brownie.

If you would like to know more about my products and philosophy behind it, visit my Expert page and let me know what healthy creations you get up to. Contact me to receive 10% off your first order and also a chance to win a very exclusive invitation to our lounge.

Let’s enjoy our health and our cake without any compromise.

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