How to Detox Your Body Naturally

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

Well let’s see. Seems to me you wouldn’t want to be carrying lots of toxins in your body anyway.

They make you feel sluggish, uncomfortable, give you headaches, other aches and pains, can cause indigestion, insomnia, constipation, dull hair, brittle nails, overweight and a host of other ghastly things.

So getting rid of toxins in your body has got to be the best thing you can do for all round health and well-being, wouldn’t you agree?


Yes, of course you would.

How to Get Detox Your Body Naturally.

So to start getting rid of toxins in your body you have to look at what you’re eating and drinking of course.

The first thing you need to eliminate is processed foods: anything that has ‘additives’ is going to be harmful to your body.

It’s very simple to have a diet which consists of natural foods. You know, those foods that are in their natural state like fruits and vegetables, beans, meat, fish, chicken. You can have an extremely healthy diet without resorting to processed foods.

Cut out sugar.

Not just the ‘naked’ horrible white stuff which is actually more addictive than heroin (yes it is and does more harm as well). Sugar will give you a ‘high’ which needs to be sustained. It has no worthwhile nutrients and makes you fat. Cut it out. Now!

And check out foods in the supermarket because you will find so many foods that you think are ‘good’ for you will have some form of sugar in them. Yuk! Just cutting out sugar from your diet will immediately help get rid of toxins from your body in a natural way.

Add fruit and vegetables to your diet. Especially vegetables, green ones like kale and spinach, broccoli, salad leaves (so many varieties these days in the shops), pak choi, sweet peppers, tomatoes, all fabulously good for you, good for your skin and energy levels.

Two of the ways we get rid of toxins in our body is through our urine and faeces…

…or if you prefer pooing and peeing!

You can make juices which are awesome. My favourite is – 4 sticks of celery, one cucumber, a cup of kale, 2 green apples, and ginger. Whizz all together in a juicer. This is so yummy and so very good for you.

Also the thing about juices is they are much easier to digest and you’re taking in far more vitamins and minerals and nutrients than you would by ‘just’ eating those vegetables and of course you couldn’t (or wouldn’t even want to) eat that amount, would you?

Drink herb teas like green tea, fennel, nettle, instead of coffee, and lots of water of course. Coconut water is now very popular and it’s delicious, thirst quenching and great for hydrating a body.

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

These days lots of people are intolerant to all sorts of foods and substances.

If you’re lactose intolerant, try some of the ‘nut’ milks. However make sure they have no added sugar but are ‘pure’. I have just discovered rice milk and in particular the vanilla one. It is delicious, plus it’s lower in fat than regular milks (even the semi skimmed stuff) and much tastier.

When you’re checking the food labelling in supermarkets it’s always a good idea to see what’s been added. That’s really why I advocate non processed foods, because that way you can be sure there are no hidden nasties in them.

As I said earlier, you need to be eating more vegetables and fruit. Avocado is a fruit and it is it is well worth putting on your shopping list. Rich in nutrients there are some who say you should eat one a day. I just like them and they will help make you feel good.

You see, it’s not just about eliminating stuff from your body but also giving it the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients so you become healthier.

Taking stuff away is all very well, but you have to add some good things to live and be well.

As well as coconut water, coconut oil is an all round favourite. It is so much better for you than other cooking oils and it’s even said that Angelina Jolie has a teaspoon of coconut oil every day  for breakfast. If it’s good enough for her (and let’s face it she married Brad Pitt!) it’s certainly good enough for me!

Coconut oil is really an all round amazing addition to any cupboard, I use it as a moisturizer after my shower, you can use it as a hair conditioner (just make sure you rinse it out thoroughly), it can be used as a soothing balm, a ‘salv’ and ointment, it can be used as a face cleanser to get rid of make up.

Once you decide on a healthier way of eating, it can be a simple matter of getting rid of harmful toxins from your body.

Choose natural over processed…

…make your own juices, eat more vegetables and fruit (especially green vegetables), cut down the coffee and drink herb teas instead (there are some really good ones out there), drink more water and coconut water, eat fresh produce, especially oily fish like salmon or herring which has omegas in it and is very good for you.

A balanced diet which includes proteins, healthy carbohydrates, all the vitamins and minerals you need could improve your skin, give you shiny hair, will help you sleep better, up your energy levels, help you stop feeling listless and you could even lose weight effortlessly.

A definite win-win and you will get rid of those toxins in your body naturally without resorting to anything artificial.