How To Drop A Dress Size In Few Weeks

How To Drop A Dress Size In Few Weeks

Dropping a dress size in a few weeks presents a different challenge for each individual. This is not a something intended to work for everyone so proceed with caution…

No one is able to out work bad eating and/or drinking habits. So you must start by making lifestyle changes that work best for you. Make changes in your fridge, cabinets and choices of places to eat and your support system.

Make a conscious decision to eliminate who you know is bad for you. Sugar is like a helium tank which is used to fill balloons (and what ever else), that is what sugar is to the anatomy.The more sugar you eat and drink the fatter you are likely to get. It is a simple but absolutely truthful equation. This suggestion is not about diet it is about lifestyle change. Gradual progressions day to day. The body changes each day and by changing your eating and drinking habits you will feel differences and start to see differences as well.


Focus on how your clothes fit instead of what you see on the scale. The scale is likely to always be the enemy. Ignore it. Don’t get on it!

How To Drop A Dress Size In Few WeeksTraining is another great way to better your life and performance and for the sake of this article to drop a dress size or more in weeks. There are multiple training options that will work and I suggest doing a little of each week to week.

Interval training allows you to do more in less time. It minimises time input but maximises results output,  which is what all of my programs are all about. One of the great things about interval training is that you can change the variation in time used. 30 seconds as fast as you can and 30 seconds to cool down, 20 seconds as fast as you can and 40 seconds to cool down, 40 seconds as fast as you can and 20 seconds to cool down etc. So you can have fun with it and really be creative with what you are doing.

Play around with the time of the interval per session per week. You should definitely feel a difference in the way your heart responds to intervals and the way your body feels and then then looks each week.

Resistance training to improve your heart, physical endurance and strength, fat loss and confidence. Do not neglect resiatnce training. This is where real differences are made and don’t worry about ‘bulking up’…you won’t! There are many ways you can employ resistance training in your training and day to day life and they will play a key part in your drive to drop a dress size or more in a few weeks

Resistance bands are a wonderful go anywhere companion. My personal preference is Bodylastics. With these bands you can do more in less time and do it anywhere. Not expensive and worth every penny. Tone your upper, lower, front and back of your body and drop multiple dress sizes in a few weeks.

This will not work unless you do! So get started and have fun.

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