How to lose large amounts of weight without surgery

How to lose large amounts of weight without surgery

How to lose large amounts of weight without surgery

Surgery is not the only option to lose a significant amount of weight.  I’ve heard so many stories about those who have had surgery and then within a few years regained the weight lost or even gained more.  Here are some tips from my journey that you can use to get started on your own weight loss journey.

Portion Control

For most people it’s not about what you eat (unless you have food intolerances), but how much you eat.  Today’s society is focused on “bigger is better”…bigger houses, loaded cars, fatter paychecks, etc.  This mentality has seeped into what we’re eating.  We’ll eat a whole large pizza ourselves and think nothing of it.  Fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…oh, maybe a couple of snacks too.  All the while our waistlines are expanding and we think nothing of it until something like an illness, injury, or loss of a family member makes us step back and re-evaluate what we’re doing to ourselves.


Pay attention to the nutrition labels of everything you put into your mouth.  You know that can of soup you just ate?  There were two servings in there so you need to double all the figures listed on the label.  You may come to find that soup wasn’t such a healthy choice after all.


Whether you keep better records on paper or digitally, record EVERYTHING that you put into your mouth.  When you see how what you’re eating and drinking affects your mood or behavior you’ll see where any changes need to be made.

No more soda

Put down that soda!  Diet sodas aren’t any better for you than regular ones.  Although they have less calories, they’re full of artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy ingredients.  Your body can’t properly process all those chemicals so you can end up with other health issues besides weight gain.  Replace the soda with water.

Build a support system

Your family and friends can be your core support system but you also need to establish connections with others who have the same mindset as you and want to lead healthier lives.  In other words you need to get out of your comfort zone.  Unless they’re directly helping you (i.e. helping you prepare healthier foods, serving healthier options at get-togethers, working out with you, etc.) friends and family can intentionally or unintentionally sabotage your weight loss.  They are the first ones to tell you that you can splurge because it’s a party or holiday.  Just like that one drink can knock an alcoholic off the wagon, that one splurge can knock you off your path and put you right back to where you started.  Your support system can be through group meetings or online forums or downloading a social app like Watchfit!


The average Joe & Jane won’t be able to jump into an intense workout program like they do on those weight loss shows.  Start with something basic like walking around the block.  When you feel that it’s getting too easy for you that’s time to increase the distance, speed, or add weights.  You could also start with activities to increase your flexibility so that you can move more; these would include the practices of Tai Chi, yoga and pilates.

All in all, if it’s too overwhelming start small.  Pick just one area to concentrate on and then build upon it.  The journey may be long but it’ll be worth it when you reach your goals!

How to lose large amounts of weight without surgery

84.4 lbs lost so far – about 36 lbs to go!

Carrie’s Story

I “met” Carrie in the Weight Watchers forums.  With losing 135 lbs she’s such an inspiration to others!

Carrie’s journey began in February 2012 after the death of her mother-in-law.  She saw how much the loss affected herself and her family.  Carrie didn’t want to put them through that again if she could help it.  She woke up disgusted with herself and rejoined Weight Watchers for the fourth time.  As she’s lost the weight over these past two years Carrie recognized that she CAN do this and is proud of how far she’s come.  Fellow Weight Watchers members and her family have been a tremendous support system for her throughout her journey.

When asked what advice she would give herself 135 lbs ago to help her get started, Carrie said she would tell herself to not be too hard on herself.  “You’re going to have good days and bad days.  If you’re finding yourself having a bad day, remember where you came from (pre-weight loss).  If you’ve had a tough week, there’s always time to start again.  You can only fail if you don’t start.”

How to lose large amounts of weight without surgery