How to lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight without dieting

Many current and rigid food plans can be considered “prison” because the fact is that every time we get out of the cage to eat something that is not part of the diet, we are transformed into wild animals and we binge as a natural survival response. The compulsion to eat sets in when you just feel frustrated at not being able to eat normally.

Studies show that most voluntarily begin a weight loss program, many of them manage to lose more than 15% of initial weight, and after two years of that achievement regain initial weight and even exceed it.

Eating is not just eating

We eat for biological, social and emotional reasons. Eating is not only a physiological act, is also a psychological event. Eating produces pleasure, in addition to the traditional functions, decreases stress. Therefore it is not the same thing day after day to eat what I do not want, desire or not, I like eating food with taste that satisfies me.

A different mind is necessary, weight is not the point, “the focus is to feel comfortable with our relationship with food.” This concept represents a radical change in the pattern of the prevailing obesity treatment. Here is my proposal to you:

Eat less to live longer, keep your weight and live happier

With so many diets offered, mutating over the years and even contradicting, hypocaloric food plan is practically the only one which is certain that improves health and prolongs Life. But is not just about eating less, it is also about eating better, lots of fruit and vegetables.

Among the health benefits that are achieved with low-calorie plans for life are: minimizing the chance of heart attack, cancer or diabetes, kidney disease, diseases such as Parkinson, and deterioration of the immune system that usually increases with age.

Your food plan should contain between 30 and 50% fewer calories than a normal diet; that is, instead of 2100 Calories ingested daily, you must consume at most 1500, but rich in vitamins and minerals, preferably of plant origin foods.

How to lose weight without dieting

Why eating less prolongs life?

Scientists think that this is a reaction of the organisms against food shortages, an evolutionary achievement that increases the body’s defenses (immune system energized) to a greater degree than normal to help the animal survive while the food arrives.

The animals are hungry less fertile than animals fed normally. This means that the immune system of each organism can remain on standby for long periods, provided that vitamins and minerals are provided with sufficiency, and if they eat a low-calorie diet daily.

There is a hypothesis that calorie restricted diets reduce oxidative damage to cells. We are all aware that oxidative damage under normal conditions, increases with age. The body needs oxygen to convert food into energy; oxygen helps convert energy molecules (like glucose) into useful cellular fuel (ATP), releasing electrons in the process.

The problem of combustion of food and energy molecules is that sometimes the electrons are not trapped, being adrift inside the body, and soon joining other molecules to form highly reactive compounds: it is the famous free radicals . The latter not only damage internal tissues, but apparently are also able to alter the genetic code of the cells.

A hypocaloric food plan, provides less food and therefore less fuel to the mitochondria, making oxygen always available. Not only that, the low-calorie diet also seems to increase the regulation of the production of enzymes that neutralize free radicals. Sometimes suspending processed foods, regardless of certain sugar cravings and eating less fat is enough to note how quickly the balance shows the desired results.

Exercise, although not a diet per se, it is proven that doing this kind of long-term activity helps you lose weight at first and then keep it. If you are consistent and incorporate into your life as a habit, you will not need to diet.

Change your habits and be patient, if you manage to lose weight gradually you´re more likely to keep it off and improve everything about you; from your posture to your performance through your skin, your mood and overall look.